What Should You Look For In A Home Inspector?


Montvale NJ Home Inspection ServicesAt some point you will need the services of a home inspector. Do your homework when looking for the best home inspector. Research industry organizations and trade groups that a qualified inspector would belong to. An ideal inspector should be certified and licensed, and have lots of education and experience in the home inspection business. An endorsement from a family member or a good friend is also a way to find a home inspector. Realtors and attorneys can sometimes be of assistance in the search as well. Finding your ideal home inspector requires a little bit of detective work.

Ideally a home inspector should be located near you. This could lower the cost since there would be minimal travel involved. Also a local inspector will be familiar with construction regulations and standards for your area.

Many people who are moving into a newly built home think they don’t need an inspection. A new house should certainly be up to code, but a thorough inspection by a professional can’t hurt. Aurora Home Inspection, LLC is a certified, licensed and highly qualified home inspector.


Some Things For A Home Inspection Checklist


Typically a home inspector’s checklist would include the following:

  • House construction – foundation
  • Exterior and interior siding and walls
  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • Electical Wiring
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Fireplaces
  • Air Quality

When you call on Aurora Home Inspections LLC for an examination of your home, more is offered than the typical report. We also look for mold, radon, termites. These are standard in our inspections.


Look For Qualified Home Inspection


In order to feel that you are being made aware of any pitfalls in the purchase of a house, you want a full and comprehensive inspection report. Aurora Home Inspections is the most fully qualified service in the Bergen County NJ area. We make finding your ideal home inspector easy. For the most complete home inspection report call us at (201) 476-9200 for an appointment today.


Home Inspection Is An Essential Aspect Of Home Buying


commercial property inspections njAccording to a recent newspaper article, the hot New Jersey housing market has prompted some buyers and sellers to forego the home inspection. Sellers are off the hook as buyers are willing to forgive an inspection. Buyers have been so aggressive they are willing to buy without an inspection. In fact the present market is making home buyers and sellers do a lot of unwise things. A thorough inspection by a licensed inspector can save you headaches and money in the long run. Aurora Home Inspections is the most qualified and knowledgeable home inspection service in Bergen County and environs. We advise against foregoing an inspection, because home inspections are necessary in NJ.


Don’t Skip A Home Inspection


When buying a house you want all the necessary information about the house. An inspection by a thorough and knowledgeable inspector is the way to have this information gathered. Bergen County home inspectors are experienced in examining houses and offer the greatest advantage for making an important decision. Home Inspectors work to help you understand the pros and cons of the specific property you are interested in buying. This can eliminate expensive surprises after you have taken ownership.


Call On A Professional For Your Home Inspection


When selecting a Home Inspector, a recommendation is always a good idea. Your attorney may be able to offer the name of a respected inspector. Maybe a trusted Real Estate Broker can help, or maybe your friends and relatives have had a good experience with a Home Inspection Service. Aurora Home Inspections is an experienced and highly qualified inspector in NJ and is often recommended by previous home buyers. We offer a formal and detailed report. We are conversant with local and state construction regulations. An Aurora Home Inspections report is a guide to help you in deciding whether to make one of your family’s largest investments.

Our goal is to be of assistance in finding your dream home and living happily ever after. When contemplating the purchase of a house in NJ give us a call at (201) 476-9200.

We also offer certified home inspections, commercial building inspections, and mold inspections.


What Is Radon?


Montvale NJ Radon InspectionsRadon is an odorless, colorless gas that occurs naturally in the environment. It is toxic and generally undetectable so testing by a professional is required. Radon is the result of the breakdown of uranium in soil and rock. Aurora Home Inspections LLC is a certified home inspector and provides Radon Inspection for our Bergen County NJ and surrounding area homeowners. We test for Radon and inform you of the need for remediation. Knowing about the presence of Radon in NJ homes is important and we want to emphasize awareness to homeowners.


How Does Radon Enter The Home?


This odorless, colorless gas can enter your home through the ground, ground water and through building material. A crack in your house’s foundation can allow Radon to enter. It is imperative to test for Radon when inspecting a home. When you buy a house you need a full inspection, but Radon should also be tested for periodically while you live in a house.


Why Is It So Important To Be Aware of Radon?


Radon is associated with Lung Cancer and other respiratory conditions. Testing for Radon by a qualified home inspector can help to ensure good indoor air quality for the health of you and your family. Aurora Home Inspections is Bergen County’s most highly qualified home inspector and performs thorough and professional inspections regularly. Testing for Radon is part of our comprehensive inspections and we then recommend remediation. We inspect and test for Radon, we do not remediate.


Detecting Radon Is Part Of An Overall Inspection


When you have your home inspected by Aurora Home Inspections, you are getting the most comprehensive inspection in NJ. If you are purchasing a home and need a full inspection, or if you are concerned about the presence of Radon in your house, give us a call at (201) 476-9200. We are interested in the well being of NJ homeowners and in the health of their homes!


Don’t Provide Food For Termites


certified home inspector bergen county njThe number one goal for termites is to find a ready food source.  Termites are determined to gain access to your home. They thrive and multiply when there is a supply of wood for food.  Aurora Home Inspections LLC offers some tips for preventing termites from invading your home.


Prevent Access and Try To Starve Them


Being proactive in the fight to keep termites from invading your home is always the best strategy. Here are some tips gleaned from professional home inspectors.

1. Be sure cracks and holes around the foundation of your house are sealed. Termites can enter through the tiniest of openings.

2. If you store firewood outside your house – keep it a good distance from the house and have it raised off the ground. Firewood is a place termites love to settle in and multiply. Check the wood before bringing it into the house too.

3. Moisture also attracts termites. Fix leaks that might create moisture in the walls of your house or in the basement. Don’t let standing water pool anywhere near your house.

4. Be sure to remove dead trees, branches, firewood and any other dead wood that may be on the ground near your house. This can be a feeding source for termites.

5. We advise getting a termite inspection annually. Spotting it before an infestation starts is the best way to prevent the damage that can result.


Call on the Experts for Termite Inspection


Aurora Home Inspections offers an industry-leading 100% guaranty of satisfaction with our services. Our inspectors are trained in all aspects of termite and other wood destroying insect detection. A termite inspection should be thought of as an investment! An investment against the damage and destruction that termites and wood-destroying insects can cause to your home. Spring is a good time for Bergen County homeowners to have a termite inspection. We also offer certified home inspections, commercial building inspections, and mold inspections.

Give us a call today at (201) 476-9200.


Follow A Regular Home Cleaning Routine


Montvale NJ Mold Inspections


For allergy relief most people use antihistamines and nasal spray. Keeping your home clean and free of allergens, pollen and dust mites is just as important to combat seasonal allergies and hay fever.  Home cleaning for allergy relief is an effective strategy.


Vacuuming Often


One very effective way to minimize allergens in the home is to vacuum regularly and often. The use of attachments for getting to high places is a good start, and work your way down. Curtains, drapes and upholstery should be vacuumed, paying extra attention to entryways and around window edges.  We recommend regular home cleaning for allergy relief.

Frequently changing vacuum bags and filters, and using accessories that are designed to capture allergens is important. Some vacuum bags are made of synthetic material to capture allergens, dust and pet hair. Filters are also specially designed to trap dust mites, animal dander, molds and pollen.  


Change Often, And Wash Bedding With Hot Water


Sheets, Blankets and Comforters attract dust mites and should be washed once a week in hot water to try to avoid allergens. Protective covers for mattresses and pillows can also stop dust mites from embedding themselves.


Keep Moisture Out Of The Air


Too much moisture in the air can lead to mold. Use a dehumidifier to control the spread of dust mites and mold, especially in humid climates or in summer months anywhere.


Not Too Many Indoor Plants


We’ve always been led to believe that having plants indoors is healthy. To a certain extent that may be true, but some indoor plants release spores and allergens into the air. If you want to have plants indoors, research plants that are less likely to increase pollen and mold exposure.


Home Inspection Can Find Hidden Mold and Other Allergens


Aurora Home Inspections LLC provides 5 Star Home Inspections to Bergen County NJ and surrounding area homeowners. We perform mold inspections also. For allergy sufferers a mold inspection can help keep your home healthy and provide relief. For a friendly, professional and expert inspection of your home, call us at (201) 476-9200.


How Do I Find The Right Home Inspector?


Montvale NJ Home Inspections


In every county in NJ there are lots of Home Inspection Services. This makes selecting the right one for you a bit difficult. We’d like to offer some guidelines toward finding a home inspector that will fit your needs and offer the complete examination you want.




The first place to look is in recommendations from family, friends and co-workers. Any one of these individuals may have required the services of a home inspector and can offer advice. A trusted realtor can also be of assistance in this quest. All realtors have worked with a home inspector at some time. Generally a real estate agent will try to offer honest recommendations since they want to keep you as a client. Our team at Aurora Home Inspections has worked with realtors for many years and have never disappointed a client.


Industry Association Memberships


There are Home Inspection Associations that most inspectors will have memberships in. Their membership in these associations usually means they have passed examinations and have a valid state license. Many times a home inspector will list these industry association memberships in their advertising as a way to attract clientele. Contacting these associations can be another way of selecting the right home inspector for you.


Talk Directly To A Home Inspector


Talking to a local Home Inspector with direct questions will ultimately be the best way for you to decide upon a service. You will probably have specific concerns that they should be able to address. You can ask about an inspector’s qualifications and licenses. An inspector will provide you with a checklist of their services and fees. A final report should be provided at the end of the inspection.


Seek Help From a Professional


With these guidelines in mind, selecting the right home inspector in Bergen County NJ should be easy. There are reliable and trustworthy inspectors to be found, and being prepared in your quest for the right one is essential.

Aurora Home Inspections LLC has been providing 5 Star Home and Commercial Building Inspections to Northern NJ and surrounding areas for a number of years. We are highly qualified and offer a very professional and comprehensive inspection to all clients. When you are in need of an inspection of a prospective purchase or for a specific problem give us a call at (201) 476-9200 to schedule an appointment.



Commercial Building Inspection in Bergen County NJ


Montvale NJ Commercial Building InspectionsAurora Home Inspections is a Certified Commercial Property Inspector located in Montvale NJ. We are a member of the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association or CCPIA. If you are purchasing a commercial building, leasing one, or just want to know about the condition of the one you are currently in, getting a professional inspection of the building is a good investment. Aurora Home Inspections offers a certified building inspection with a professional and objective opinion of a building’s condition. By inspecting commercial buildings in Bergen County NJ and the surrounding area we have become familiar with local building requirements.


Customized Inspection Reports


Commercial Building Inspection reports are customized to fulfill our client’s needs. Content and format are formulated by how the report is to be used and by its intended audience. We lay out our reports in clear, concise language that outlines problems found upon inspection. We make specific recommendations, including repair costs and priorities. Our commercial property inspections are designed to be in accordance with ASTM E 2018 Standard requirements. This is a report designed by an international non-profit testing organization to provide property information for commercial buildings.


We evaluate all types of Commercial Buildings


Aurora provides Commercial Building Inspections of properties of all descriptions:

  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Office
  • Churches
  • Special use structures, such as sports complexes or nursing homes

Different situations/different inspections


  • Pre-purchase
  • Pre-lease (lessor or lessee)
  • Re-financing
  • Technical Audits
  • Long Term Planning
  • Reserve Fund Study
Problem Resolution


Factors such as age, occupancy and type of construction have a bearing on how buildings are inspected. Clients’ needs dictate the type of inspection and the specific issues to be looked at. Inspections can vary from an examination of the structure or roof only, to a total inspection of all technical aspects of the building. These could include structure, roofing, mechanical systems, electrical and plumbing.


Commercial Building Inspection is only one of our SERVICES


Aurora Home Inspections is qualified to inspect commercial buildings, but we also offer home inspections. We provide condo and townhouse inspections, pre-listing home inspections, indoor air quality inspections, radon inspections, termite inspections and mold inspections. If you are in need of a commercial building inspection and want the most professional and qualified report, please give us a call at (201) 476-9200 today.


What is Radon?


Montvale NJ Radon Inspection
Radon is a gas that occurs naturally in the environment. It is highly toxic and is undetectable by the layman, so it requires testing by a professional. You cannot see, smell or taste Radon. Aurora Home Inspections LLC is a highly qualified and professional Radon testing service that can inspect for Radon and inform you of the need for remediation.  The importance of knowing about Radon cannot be overemphasized.


How Does Radon Enter Your Home?


Radon can enter your home through the ground, ground water and building material. Holes or cracks in your house’s foundation can be an entry point for Radon. This is why it is imperative to test for Radon when your home is inspected. When purchasing a home a full inspection is required, but Radon testing should become a periodic checkup while you live in a house.


Why Is Radon So Dangerous?


Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer. Exposure to Radon can cause other health problems as well. Most people don’t think about their exposure to Radon, but it should be taken very seriously. Testing for Radon is one element of insuring good indoor air quality for the health of your family.


Getting Rid of Radon


Once Radon has been detected within a home, it can be remediated. Aurora Home Inspections tests for Radon as well as various other toxins. We do not remediate, but we do recommend action when needed. For comprehensive evaluation of the weaknesses within a house, call Aurora Home Inspections. We are the most highly qualified, experienced and professional home inspection service in Bergen County NJ and the surrounding area. If you need a home inspection, or specifically a Radon inspection, give us a call at (201) 476-9200 for an appointment.