Summer’s Almost Here!


Township of Washington NJ Summer Storm Season Readiness


It is time to prepare for summer storm season. Amidst all the great times you
and your family plan to enjoy this summer, there will be storms. All of the
United States is vulnerable to storms, some more severe than others, but New
Jersey has heavy rainstorms, hail storms, the occasional tornado, and hurricanes.
These storms can damage your home or business and can cause power outages
Aurora Home Inspections advises that you prepare for storm possibilities in
advance. We offer some tips for summer storm season readiness below.


How To Prepare For And Recover From A Storm


Plan Ahead

Everyone in your household should have an assigned task. Someone should have
the responsibility of gathering pets, someone else should be sure medications and
important documents are readily available. Pick a place in your home that is secure
in which to take cover in worst-case scenarios. Take pictures of your home and its
contents  to provide to your insurance company if damage occurs.

Have Critical Phone Numbers At Hand

Be sure to have phone numbers for your insurance company and emergency response
agencies handy. Also be sure you have a way to contact family and friends to let them
know where you are and that you are safe. Backup chargers for phones should be
available in case you lose power.

Know How To Turn Off Utilities In Your House

If flooding is a concern, you may need to turn off water, gas and electricity before

Keep Your Home Protected

If you live in a flood prone area, take steps to lift vulnerable items off the floor or
remove them to an upper level. Also take steps to keep water from entering your
house through the foundation or basement windows. This might include keeping
mulch to a minimum near the foundation, extending drain pipes to lead away from
the house, and maybe using plastic window covers around those basement

Wait For The “All Clear” From Authorities

If flooding has occurred the ground may be electrically charged by downed power
lines. If you see fallen wires, contact the utility company. When authorities
say it is safe to enter your home, be sure to wear high boots to protect yourself
from pollutants in the water.

If your home has been severely damaged don’t attempt to go inside. Get some
professional help to make an assessment of the damage and possible danger of

Take pictures of damage to your house and your belongings to support future
insurance claims. Contact your insurance company if there has been damage to
your home and start the process of making a claim.

These are all valuable tips to provide Summer Storm Season Readiness for your family.


A Home Inspector Can Be A Valuable Aide


Get in touch with a professional Home Inspection Service to assess the damage
and possible need for clean-up and restoration. Aurora Home Inspections is a
certified inspection service that can help determine what needs to be done to
restore your home after storm damage. We can recommend reliable and experienced
remediation and restoration companies in your area.

Aurora has been providing 5 Star Home Inspections to Bergen County NJ and
surrounding area homeowners and commercial property owners since 2006. If
you are in need of a professional inspection after a storm, we can be reached at
(201) 476-9200.