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How Are Condo and Townhouse Inspections Different From Single Family Home Inspections?


Condo and Townhouse Inspections are done the same way as any Home Inspection. The things that go wrong with a free-standing house can go wrong with a Condo or Townhouse. The difference is in who is responsible for repairs and replacements. When you hire a home inspector, you can be assured of an honest evaluation of the condition of the home because a home inspector doesn’t do repair or replacement work. A home inspector inspects your home and recommends needed restoration. Whether the inspection is for selling the house or just to know about the general condition of the house, you are getting an inspection provided by a neutral party.  Condo and Townhouse inspections in NJ are offered in the same way that single-family home inspections are.  

Back to who is responsible for repairs – in a single family home, the homeowner is the one to make repairs. In a Condo or Townhouse there is usually an association overseeing the maintenance of the units. Each association has its own set of rules and regulations regarding responsibllity for repairs and restorations. Aurora Home Inspections is the most qualified home inspector working in Bergen County NJ. We offer certified home, Condo and Townhouse inspections to homeowners in NJ with recommendations for repair and restoration.


Hire An Inspector Who Backs Up Their Inspection


For Condo and Townhouse owners in Bergen County as well as a wide area beyond, we offer the most knowledgeable and experienced staff of inspectors. Your home inspection by Aurora comes with a host of extras such as a 90 Day Limited Warranty, Sewer Gard, Mold Safe, Termite Protection Plan, Radon Protection Plan, etc, etc. We always back up our inspections. Our goal is for you to be satisfied that your home has been comprehensively inspected and any faults or needed restoration have been pointed out.

Aurora Home Inspections offers other services to homeowners, including:

Commercial Building and Property Inspections
Pre-Listing Inspections
Indoor Air Quality Inspections
Tank Sweep Inspections
Radon Inspections
Termite Inspections
Mold Inspections

If you own a Condo or Townhouse and want a complete certified inspection for any reason, call Aurora Home Inspections at (201) 476-9200 for a consultation.




Township of Washington NJ Radon Inspections

Define Radon


Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that occurs naturally in the environment. It is toxic and testing for it by a professional is required as it is undetectable. Radon is the result of the breakdown of uranium in soil and rock. Aurora Home Inspections is a certified Radon Inspector and Tester in NJ. We provide comprehensive Radon inspections to Bergen County NJ and surrounding area homeowners. You should be aware that Radon can be a health risk in NJ.


How Does Radon Get Into A Home?


Radon can enter your home through the ground, ground water and through building material. A crack in the foundation of your house can allow Radon to enter. The EPA suggests that all homes sold in the U.S. be tested for Radon. When purchasing a house you need a full inspection, but testing for Radon should be scheduled periodically while living in a house.


How Is Radon A Health Risk?


Radon can be responsible for respiratory conditions and even lung cancer. Aurora Home Inspections performs thorough inspections of homes in NJ and testing for Radon is one element of those inspections. We inspect and test for the presence of Radon and we recommend remediation. We do not do the remediation work, we only inspect and test and report on the result of those tests.


Rely On Aurora For Thorough Inspections


Home Inspections performed by Aurora Home Inspections are complete and done by qualified inspectors. If you are purchasing a home and need a full inspection, or if you are concerned about Radon and want to know if there is an unacceptable level of it on your premises, give us a call at (201) 476-9200. We focus on the well being of NJ homeowners and the health of their homes.

Prepared For Winter Storm Power Outages Bergen County NJ

Being Prepared for Winter Storm Power Outages

Being Prepared for Winter Storm Power Outages in Bergen County NJ

Winter Storm Power Outages in Bergen County NJSometimes it seems like severe storms are becoming more frequent, and that power outages are on the rise in Bergen County, NJ. When a harsh storm hits in the wintertime, a power outage can really wreak some havoc. Trouble might be caused by trees falling onto power lines, and the resulting outages can mean hours or even days without electricity or heat in the home. Worst-case scenario, a lack of heat can lead to broken water pipes and flooding.

These events can affect thousands of households. And while we can’t prevent a storm, we certainly get plenty of warning beforehand in this day and age, so we can prepare for the coming event.  Aurora Home Inspections can offer you some advice for power outage preparedness.


Stock The Home Before A Winter Storm Arrives!

While we may have all gone to the grocery at the last minute before a winter storm hit, often we find their shelves are already near empty. So, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weather in order to prepare accordingly. Enough non-perishable food types to last a whole family for a week is probably a good idea. Try to keep these items in storage, and don’t plan on using them until they are truly needed. Canned foods, dry cereal, nuts, healthy snack items, and bottled water are obvious. And let’s not forget about the pets, some pet food, and medication too!

Remember to refill any medical prescriptions, painkillers, or cold remedies. In addition to food and water, consider plenty of batteries and flashlights if the lights go out. If the heating source is lost, blankets are going to become essential. And lots of wood for the fireplace too.


Generators Are A Good Investment For Emergency Power

Whether via winter storms or other causes, an automatic standby generator can be a great investment to protect against what comes with the resulting power outage. These are installed outside a home in a unit that can look similar to the air conditioner. An automatic generator can power the whole home, automatically, including when no one is there to turn it on. If that’s out of the budget, another less expensive option is a portable generator. These require manual operation and are typically limited to powering only the key items in a home. They are generally gasoline-fueled and have to be operated outside. For the safety and comfort of a family, Aurora Home Inspections recommends consideration for a generator.


Post-Winter Storm 

While it is a relief when the winter storm is over, don’t allow it to feel completely safe yet. Pay attention to weather and traffic reports before leaving the home or getting into the car. Downed power lines or trees are often the next challenge, so keep flashlights ready! Consider checking in on neighbors, the elderly, or the disabled.

Aurora Home Inspections is Bergen County’s most qualified and experienced home inspection firm. If you need an inspection after a winter storm, or as a precaution – let us know. If you are buying or selling a home and need a professional inspection, call us / Aurora Home Inspection, LLC at (201)476-9200.

Home Inspection Checklist Bergen County NJ

A Comprehensive Home Inspection Checklist

Things YOU Should Look For in a Home Inspector | Home Inspection Checklist

Comprehensive Home Inspection Checklist Bergen County NJWhether you are selling a home or buying a home, you need to have the home inspected. Your home inspection checklist should start with researching industry organizations and trade groups that a good inspector would be a member of. An inspector should be certified and licensed and have a good background in home inspection education. Aurora Home Inspections’ qualifications page is lengthy and includes everything needed for a comprehensive home inspection checklist.

You should also look for a home inspector located near you. A local inspector will be familiar with regulations and standards in equipment and construction for your area. Although cost should never be the only consideration, travel time can add to the expense of the inspection.

A buyer may think a newly built house doesn’t need to be inspected. Just because it is up to code doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a thorough going over by a qualified inspector.

It is essential to be present during an inspection. Written reports are important, but some things need to be seen in order to understand the problem. Whether it is major or minor, your inspector can alert you to a problem right away if you are there.

Things That Should be on a Home Inspector’s Checklist

Typically, a home inspector’s checklist includes the following:

  • House Construction – Foundation
  • Exterior and Interior
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Fireplaces
  • Air Quality
  • Appliances

Aurora Home Inspections offers homeowners more than the comprehensive home inspection noted in Bergen County or the surrounding NJ area towns. We are also fully licensed for virtually all property inspection options, including mold, IAQ, radon gas, tank sweep (GPR included), and termite/WDI infestations. Areas that one may or may not want to be added to an inspection report. For commercial building owners, Aurora is also a licensed and certified commercial property and building inspector

Highly Qualified Home Inspection is Available

If you are buying or selling a home, you want to know about possible pitfalls that could jeopardize the transaction. Buyers and sellers alike need an inspection report that covers everything. For the most comprehensive examination of a house in Bergen County, NJ, by a fully certified inspector, call Aurora Home Inspections at (201) 476-9200 for an appointment.


Township of Washington NJ Mold Inspection Services

Mold Can Threaten Your Health


Mold grows in dark, wet places where moisture has been allowed to sit unnoticed. In some instances this mold can start to affect the health of members of the family, or even pets. Homes near bodies of water are generally more susceptible to mold growth because of increased moisture that settles and is found in the air. When family members seem to become ill and you can’t find a reason for it, it could be mold. It may be an allergic reaction, but sometimes it can develop into more serious health issues. Mold can pose a threat to your health.


How Do You Determine If Mold Is Growing?


A mold inspection by Aurora Home Inspections LLC is a good way to determine if mold is growing in your home. We are certified mold inspectors and can tell if mold is present, what type of mold it is, and how large an area is involved. We take samples from surfaces and from the air. We can measure the temperature and humidity level in your house. We have the knowledge and experience to know where to look for mold and to measure the level of growth. We offer qualified mold inspection using up-to-date mold detection techniques.


A Certified Mold Inspection Can Prevent Health Problems Caused By Mold


As mold is very often invisible and hides on surfaces as well as in the air, a thorough mold inspection by a qualified mold inspector is in order. Mold does sometimes present a musty odor, but most often homeowners are unaware of its presence. Aurora Home Inspections offers certified mold inspections, either as part of an overall home inspection or as a separate specific inspection for mold. If you suspect the presence of mold in your home, call Aurora Home Inspections at (201) 476-9200. We are located in Bergen County NJ, but we serve a wide area in and around Bergen County.

Bergen County certified wood destroying insect inspection

The Importance of Termite Inspections

Buying Property? Get A Termite Inspection

termite or wood destroying insect inspection bergen county nj

If you own or are considering buying a home (or a commercial property) in Bergen County, NJ, it would be foolish to go forward without a thorough termite inspection. On its own, this is typically a low-cost inspection, and it may save thousands in repair costs related to termite damage. A home is a valuable asset, if not a person’s most important investment. And because termite or wood-destroying insect damage repair can be so costly, it’s not worth the gamble of not looking into an inspection.

When buying a Bergen County home or property, at least if there is a bank involved, a termite inspection is likely required. Regardless, it is always best to look into an inexpensive termite inspection. Give us a call, we are a certified Wood Destroying Insect Inspector in NJ & NY state!

Termite Damage May Not Be Visible!

Just because Termites or wood-destroying insect damage is not visible, it does not mean it’s not there. Fair warning: termites eat wood from the inside out, and they do their best to avoid light, so most property owners will be unaware of an infestation and/or any damage until it is way too late!

And while termites are tiny insects, they are capable of huge damage. These wood-destroying insects will eat a home’s frame 24/7, and they can actually consume a pound of wood in just one week! A termite inspection will not only avoid future infestation but also help discover a current one.

And so when buying a Bergen County home or property, a certified wood-destroying insect inspection is not only the way to avoid big problems, but it can become a means to negotiate a better price. Aurora Home Inspections will determine where the property stands, whether there is any leftover termite damage, any leftover infestation, or a brand new threat.

Again, it’s never a waste of time or money because termites or termite damage is not visible nor obvious.

Aurora Home Inspections – Termite Inspections

If you are in the Bergen County, New Jersey area, call Aurora Home Inspections about Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection and/or any other home inspection needs. We are extensively trained in wood-destroying insect inspections and in virtually any type of home or property inspection.

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The 4 Things To Consider When Choosing Siding For Your Home

Siding Bergen County NJ Home Choosing Siding For Your Bergen County, NJ Home


Choosing siding for your Bergen County, NJ, home is one of the more important curb appeal decisions a homeowner will face when building a new or remodeling an existing home. With both classic and modern material options — there’s a lot to consider.

Many siding companies are combining traditional siding styles and/or materials with advanced new technologies in an effort to deliver the siding product homeowners can rely upon for many years. Of all the market options, vinyl siding with various styles, textures, and color options has become the most popular solution. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s annual home report, vinyl siding has been the top choice in new homes for over 25 years. And this type of siding has come a long way since first introduced in the 1950s, having advanced both its’ design and performance.

Here are the four key considerations necessary to determine which option will best meet durability, design, maintenance, and affordability goals.

Siding Durability

Siding selection can be a one-time decision, so its’ durability is key. A homeowner must choose a siding option that is resistant to the elements, like rain, wind, and the sun. Nowadays, manufacturers offer products that resist the impact of the sun so a good siding product will preserve its color for the lifetime of a home.

Siding Design And Color

The toughest decision for a homeowner with so many siding options can be their style and/or color. The main siding options available to a homeowner include vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood, brick, fiber cement, stucco, and stone. In each case, there can be countless color and style options. According to the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI), there are more than 400 colors have been certified for color retention. So it might be a good idea to contact a siding specialist, maybe an experienced contractor or architect, for their ideas. They are likely experienced in color coordination based on a number of different factors.

Siding Maintenance

A homeowner can also seek siding that is low maintenance. A solution that reduces or even eliminates the cost of upkeep, knowing that there was a time when care and maintenance were required. Vinyl, for instance, only requires periodic soap and water cleaning. No more painting, re-staining, or caulking! Wood, for instance, can require repainting or staining every five years. Stucco has to be repainted and sealed. Brick or stone will need the repointing of mortar. Durability, having been mentioned above, the selection can be the difference between time-consuming, costly repairs, maybe due to a storm, and none at all.

Siding Affordability

Doing some homework allows one to have a much more informed consultation with installers when gathering estimates that meet a budget. Not only does online offer a lot of costs and material information, but there are apps such as a ‘home visualizer with color selection’ that can help one test different colors and/or textures before making a decision.

Our Bergen County, NJ, Inspection Services


Bergen County NJ Home Inspections - Aurora Home InspectionsAurora Home Inspections in Bergen County NJ offers the most thorough and complete Home Inspection. We also serve the Rockland County and NY metro areas.Bergen County NJ Home Inspection schedule


What Is A GPR Inspection?

Township of Washington NJ GPR or Tank Sweep Inspections


GPR Inspections or Ground Penetrating Radar Inspections are used to detect the
presence of a buried oil tank or other underground objects that need to be found
and removed. Using Ground Penetrating Radar technology provides a more accurate
and reliable search for objects buried underground. Aurora Home Inspections
offers certified GPR or Tank Sweep inspections to homeowners in Bergen County NJ
and nearby NJ and NY areas.


Why Do I Need A GPR Inspection?


Buried oil tanks can become environmental problems if they are not located and
removed. Most buried tanks are used to contain heating oil and they can become
degraded over time and leak oil into the ground. This causes an environmental
issue that is costly to remediate. Aside from the cost of removal and remediation,
if you are hoping to sell your house, buyers will insist on having the tank
removed and it will become a point of negotiation A tank sweep inspection
using Ground Penetrating Radar technology provided by Aurora Home Inspections is
offered. This inspection can be part of an overall home inspection, or as a
separate inspection just to locate the buried tank. 


Experience and Expertise


Our long experience in the area of home and property inspections makes us the top
home inspection service in Bergen County NJ. We are highly qualified and
are certified to perform specialized home inspections for homeowners. We stand
behind every inspection we perform. GPR or Tank Sweep Inspections
are recommended in NJ. For a comprehensive home inspection or any

type of special inspection, call Aurora Home Inspections at (201) 476-9200.

winterization projects in bergen county nj

Last Minute NJ Home Winterization Projects

Last Minute NJ Home Winterization Projects

NJ Home Winterization Project IdeasAt this time of year, you may be thinking about the coming winter and any necessary home winterization projects. For instance, your furnace inspection should be on the list, as should any siding or roofing repair. If so, you are likely on the way to enjoying a warm, carefree winter in your home. However, we want to make local homeowners aware of a few other potentially important last-minute home winterization projects. Aurora Home Inspections is based in the Township of Washington, and we conduct home and property inspections throughout Bergen County and the surrounding areas of NJ and NY.

So, here are a few less common home winterization projects you may want to plan to take care of soon!

  1. Survey the perimeter of the home, and if the brush is too close, be sure to cut it back. Shrubs, bushes, low-hanging trees, and even potted plants are hiding places for rodents during the winter months. Cutting them back will deter those rodents, while also protecting the home during ice and other storms from scrapes by branches.
  2. Prepare and secure outdoor plumbing! During the winter, water can freeze and thereby expand inside any hoses or sprinklers. If so, this can cause serious damage to property. Drain hoses, pools, exterior pipes, sprinklers, and/or any unheated pipes must be taken seriously! If draining is not an option, make sure to cover and insulate, one must avoid breaks, cracks, and bursts. Also, be sure to cover exposed spigots, maybe using a newspaper and some duct tape.
  3. Round up the outdoor furniture and store it for winter. When you wait until the last minute, which so many of us do, the outdoor furniture will inevitably end up covered in ice or snow. Get ahead of it, put them away, and have healthy, clean furniture for the next season. And don’t forget to cover up, or put away, the potted plants and barbecue grills.
  4. Drain any gasoline from lawn equipment. Condensation can build up in the winter months and cause engine trouble later on if water builds up in the gas tank. If you can’t drain the gas from tanks, then consider adding a gas additive to avoid that condensation issue.

And don’t stop after you have the big things done. There’s always something with an NJ home. Just know that it will be a much more enjoyable winter and a less expensive spring if you tackle these last-minute home winterization projects today!

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Water Operated Sump Pump In The NJ Home!

Positive NJ Home Inspection Observations:municipal water operated sump pump for bergen county nj homes Water Operated Sump Pump!

A common issue in NJ Homes, especially in Bergen County, NJ, where the water table can be very high, is basement flooding. Water and flooding may lead not only to property damage but mold. When inspecting a basement, we often observe this and any related issues and/or solutions. When there is a potential problem, it only makes sense to consider necessary preventative solutions. In flood-prone towns, it can mean that there is a need for a sump pump. So, one positive NJ Home Inspection observation is that there is an innovative pump solution available out there for your home! Rather than depend on batteries or electricity – there is also a readily available ‘water-operated sump pump.’

How Does A Water Operated Sump Pump Work?

So when there is water accumulating, possibly from local storms, the Water Powered Sump Pump will use local municipal water as its’ source of power to combat the issue. While mostly used as a backup, it can actually leverage that same municipal water during a storm to pump incoming water out of the home. Possibly better than a sump pump powered by electricity, which can go down during a storm, or by a battery that can go dead, this option presents a reliable backup solution.

The Water Operated Sump Pump connects to a home’s municipal water line and, along with a suction pump mechanism and a discharge pipe, can pump water out. Going further, there is a float (or ball) connected to the suction pump valve, via flexible tubing. When a primary power source fails, and the water rises, the ‘Water Operated Sump Pump’ float is lifted to a place that will then open the municipal valve allowing its water to flow in or through. This creates suction that pulls or empties the water pit, discharging that water through pipes to somewhere outside the home. Somewhere where no harm will occur! Ultimately, the pump operates based on physics or what is known as Bernoulli Principle and the pressure necessary to replace that battery-powered pump.

Certified Home Inspector Bergen County NJ | Aurora Home Inspections

We are your local Licensed and Certified Home Inspector | Property Inspection expert: we inspect homes, condos, townhouses, apartments, buildings, office spaces, and all types of property. We are based locally in the Township of Washington; we serve all of Bergen County, NJ, the surrounding NJ towns, as well as the surrounding areas of NY. Our service also includes all the proper licenses and experience for commercial office and building inspection.