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Inspecting Bergen County NJ Commercial Buildings


Hiring an inspector to evaluate a commercial building can be a good investment for the owner. Aurora Home Inspections LLC is a certified Commercial Building and Property Inspector and a Multi-Family Property Inspector. We are a highly qualified Home and Commercial Building Inspector based in Bergen County NJ and cover all of Bergen County as well as a wider area of NJ and NYS locations. If you are buying, selling or leasing commercial real estate, an objective licensed opinion of the property’s condition is a very good investment. Call and ask about our Commercial Building Inspections in NJ.


Customized Reports


Commercial Building and Property Inspection reports presented by Aurora Home Inspections LLC are customized to meet a client’s requirements. Content and format are dictated by how the report is to be used and its intended audience. Whatever the form, our reports are objective, and are laid out in clear wording that will outline problems or potential trouble spots.

Our reports include a detailed analysis of the property condition, and we provide photographs for reference. Using the latest technology, we employ Thermal Imaging Cameras, UV lights, A Ferret System Camera, Crawlbots, and Underground Tank Sweeps and more.

Our Commercial Property Inspections are in accordance with ASTM E 2018 professional standards. ASTM E 2018 Standard was put forth by an international non-profit testing and assessment organization to provide basic property information for commercial structures.

All Commercial Property Buildings are inspected, including industrial buildings, schools, retail buildings, multi-family properties, office buildings, churches, special use buildings such as sports complexes and nursing homes. There are many reasons for Building and Property Inspections, and various factors that determine the type of inspection and the criteria by which they are judged.


Providing A Range Of Services


Aurora Home Inspections LLC stands out because of the wide range of services we provide. We have many years of experience and believe in continuing education in the field. This is in order to provide the best value in inspection services to our clients. We have a long list of qualifications and licenses.


If you need an inspection of a commercial building or property, call Aurora Home Inspections LLC at (201) 476-9200. We provide well-rounded and thorough inspections so that you can make an informed decision on whatever your reason is for requiring the inspection.




What Is Considered A Multi-FamilyTownship of Washington NJ - Multi-Family Property Inspections Property?

Multi-family property inspection requires different standards than those used in single-family properties. A multi-family property is one that provides accommodation for more than one dwelling unit. Multi-family property can be residential (two to four units) or commercial (five or more units). Several different authorities may determine what is considered a commercial or residential multi-family property. This is often a state issue, and most states that have any regulation in this area require some form of license to perform inspections. Aurora Home Inspections LLC is a fully certified and licensed inspector of homes and commercial buildings in NJ. We are a member of the CCPIA “Certiied Commercial Property Inspectors Association”. Aurora serves homeowners and commercial property owners in Bergen County NJ and surrounding area locations.


A Lot Of Property In the U.S. Is Considered Multi-Family


In a survey taken by the American Housing Survey and the United States Census Bureau found that 31.4% of all residential units in the country are classified as multi-family. These include apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses and mixed-use developments. Generally most of these include five or more units and would be considered commercial properties. Aurora Home Inspections offers comprehensive and certified commercial property inspections to owners of multi-family commercial properties in Bergen County NJ and nearby surrounding areas.


Look For The Most Qualified Inspector


If you are a multi-family property owner of either residential or commercial real estate and are in need of inspection services, call on the most qualified. Aurora Home Inspections LLC has long been considered the most qualified home and commercial property inspector in Bergen County NJ. We have licenses in all aspects of home and property inspection and are in the habit of continuously seeking more education in the latest and best procedures for performing inspections. We can be reached at (201) 476-9200 for consultation.

Ask us about our Aurora Home Inspection certified property inspection service for your building or office space today. We’re based in Bergen County, NJ, and will travel (Hudson County, Essex County, Morris County, Passaic County, Middlesex County, Rockland County NY, Orange County NY and Westchester County NY)!



What Should Be On Your Checklist When Hiring A Home Inspector in NJ?

thorough Home Inspection Checklist Bergen County NJ

In the process of buying or selling a home, you will need an inspection. If so demand a thorough home inspection checklist, please consider Township Of Washington, Bergen County, NJ-based Aurora Home Inspections.

If so, your checklist for what to look for in a Home Inspector could start with various recommendations. A family member or close friend may have used a home inspector, had a good experiencere and, so, recommendations can go a long way. You should also look for a home inspector that is a member of respected industry organizations and trade groups. A home inspector should be licensed and certified with experience in home inspection education. Aurora Home Inspections LLC offers a lengthy list of qualifications and memberships.

Understanding that a thorough home inspection in NJ is essential – proximity to your location is something to take into consideration as a first step. A local inspector will be familiar with local regulations and standards in construction and codes for your area. And although cost should not be the only criteria, their travel time can factor into the cost of the inspection.

Is it new or old construction because while with new it might seem less necessary, it’s always relevant to get an unbiased inspection. Just because the property is “up to code” doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be looked over. If you are present during an inspection, and this is always a good idea, be sure you understand what an inspector is looking at and referring to in her or his report. This way you will be aware of any potential or existing problems.

Your Inspector Should Have A Checklist

A Home Inspector’s checklist typically includes the following:

  • House Construction – Foundation
  • Exterior and Interior
  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Indoor Air Quality

But be sure and ask if there are add-on options in order to be completely thorough. Or at least to know what is and is not included in a standard property inspction.

Qualified Home Inspection Available All Over NJ

For a Home Inspection Service that offers the most comprehensive examination of a house and property call on Aurora Home Inspections LLC. We provide the most qualified inspection services by a fully licensed inspector. We are located in Bergen County NJ and serve our community on a daily basis, but we also cover Hudson County, Essex County, Morris County, Passaic County and Middlesex County in NJ, and nearby areas of New York State like Rockland County.

Aurora offers thorough Home Inspection services and we are fully licensed and qualified for Mold, IAQ, Radon, Tank Sweep and Termite/Wood Destroying Insect inspections. We also are licensed and certified to inspect commercial property.

When you are in need of a Home Inspection call Aurora Home Inspections LLC, the most qualified inspector in NJ. We can be reached at (201) 476-9200.

Prepared For Winter Storm Power Outages Bergen County NJ


Prepare For Winter Storms and Power Outages In Bergen County And Northern NJ


Bergen County NJ Inspector - Prepare For Winter StormsSeems like winter storms are becoming more plentiful and more severe here in Bergen County, NJ, and beyond. Power outages can be a result of these storms and they can cause major problems. Power outages are often caused by trees falling on power lines or the property itself and they may last for hours or even days. This can leave one without heat, which in turn can lead to frozen water pipes and flooding, and more.

While we cannot prevent winter storms, we can prepare for them as there is generally lots of warning. Aurora Home Inspections, LLC can offer advice on preparing for winter storm power outages.


1. Stock Up Prior To The Arrival of a Storm


Often if you wait too long before the onset of a winter storm you’ll find the grocery shelves empty. Get what you’ll need for a few days to a week to keep your family fed. Non-perishables are best as you may not have refrigeration. Try to keep some non-perishables aside for emergency use. Bottled water dry cereal, nuts, healthy snacks, and canned foods, are a good start. Remember food for pets, and also medication for everyone including those pets. It’s a good idea to have flashlight batteries around when the lights go out. If you lose a heat source then a good supply of blankets is going to be a necessity. Wood for the fireplace will also help to keep everyone warm during a winter storm power outage.


2. Invest In Emergency Power


Since the average length of time being without power is growing longer, many families in New Jersey are turning to generators. There are two options when it comes to backup power – portable generators and automatic standby generators. The portable type is less expensive and is usually manually operated and fueled by gasoline. They must be operated outside of the house. Automatic generators (see the image above) are permanently installed outside the house like an air-conditioning unit. They are attached to a home’s gas line and turn on automatically when the power goes out.


3. Use Caution After the Storm


When the storm is over there is a tremendous feeling of relief! Don’t let this have you throw caution to the wind! Be aware, and try to find reliable weather and traffic reports before leaving the house or getting in the car. Why? Well, there may be downed wires or trees. Have a flashlight handy! And remember to check on elderly or disabled neighbors.


Home Inspections After THE Storm


Aurora Home Inspections offers homeowners in Bergen County and surrounding areas the most qualified and experienced home inspections. You may be in need of a speedy inspection after suffering storm damage and we are always prepared to help. Of course, Aurora is available to perform inspections for home sellers and home buyers all year round. We can be reached at (201) 476-9200 for appointments.


Township of Washington NJ Condo and Townhouse Inspections



How Are Condo and Townhouse Inspections Different From Single Family Home Inspections?


Condo and Townhouse Inspections are done the same way as any Home Inspection. The things that go wrong with a free-standing house can go wrong with a Condo or Townhouse. The difference is in who is responsible for repairs and replacements. When you hire a home inspector, you can be assured of an honest evaluation of the condition of the home because a home inspector doesn’t do repair or replacement work. A home inspector inspects your home and recommends needed restoration. Whether the inspection is for selling the house or just to know about the general condition of the house, you are getting an inspection provided by a neutral party.  Condo and Townhouse inspections in NJ are offered in the same way that single-family home inspections are.  

Back to who is responsible for repairs – in a single family home, the homeowner is the one to make repairs. In a Condo or Townhouse there is usually an association overseeing the maintenance of the units. Each association has its own set of rules and regulations regarding responsibllity for repairs and restorations. Aurora Home Inspections is the most qualified home inspector working in Bergen County NJ. We offer certified home, Condo and Townhouse inspections to homeowners in NJ with recommendations for repair and restoration.


Hire An Inspector Who Backs Up Their Inspection


For Condo and Townhouse owners in Bergen County as well as a wide area beyond, we offer the most knowledgeable and experienced staff of inspectors. Your home inspection by Aurora comes with a host of extras such as a 90 Day Limited Warranty, Sewer Gard, Mold Safe, Termite Protection Plan, Radon Protection Plan, etc, etc. We always back up our inspections. Our goal is for you to be satisfied that your home has been comprehensively inspected and any faults or needed restoration have been pointed out.

Aurora Home Inspections offers other services to homeowners, including:

Commercial Building and Property Inspections
Pre-Listing Inspections
Indoor Air Quality Inspections
Tank Sweep Inspections
Radon Inspections
Termite Inspections
Mold Inspections

If you own a Condo or Townhouse and want a complete certified inspection for any reason, call Aurora Home Inspections at (201) 476-9200 for a consultation.


Township of Washington Home Improvement Tips


Selling Your Northern Maybe Bergen County, NJ, Home?


Township of Washington Home Improvement Tips


As NJ home inspectors, Aurora Home Inspections sees the things that need repair and
replacement in a New Jersey home quite regularly. We also see things that would improve the appearance
of your home but don’t require immediate attention unless you are selling. We would
like to offer a few tips for sellers to improve the look and hopefully the easy sale
of a house in Bergen County NJ.

Thinking about improvements for faster home sales in NJ, then these strategic improvements for faster home sales in NJ may help sell your house and get a higher price fot it.


Basic Home Improvements For Sellers


Kitchen Upgrade

A complete kitchen remodeling probably isn’t necessary, but a few upgrades can really
make your kitchen shine. Replace countertops with some form of stone surface and replace
the hardware for a fresh look. Everyone wants an island with a sink, so this might be
something to consider if there is room. An island adds work space and functionalty to a

Additional Bathroom

An additional bathroom – either a full bath with shower and tub, or a powder room with
just a sink and toilet – can help sell a home. There are all kinds of possibilities!

New Garage Doors

If your garage faces the front of the house, new garage doors might be a good idea.
Even if the garage is in the back, new garage doors are a strategic replacement.
Improving the curb appeal of a house certainly can sell it faster.

Fresh Paint Job

Colors that you experimented with before might really date your house’s interior. A
fresh coat of neutral paint, in shades of white, cream or gray, in the main interior
living spaces goes a long way.  These points are also worth considering for the
exterior of the house.

Hopefully these tips for improvements will make for faster home sales in NJ.


Selling Your House Is A Project


When you have decided to sell your house, go to work improving the appeal. Hopefully
the above tips have started you thinking about how to move along in the selling process.
If there are major issues that might drag down the sale of your home, consider a full
home inspection. Aurora Home Inspections offers comprehensive certified home
inspections to Bergen County NJ home sellers. Our services are geared to keeping your
home in good order and advising you about problems that need attention. If you need a
home inspection before selling or for any reason, give Aurora Home Inspections a call at
(201) 476-9200.



Township of Washington NJ Radon Inspections

Define Radon


Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that occurs naturally in the environment. It is toxic and testing for it by a professional is required as it is undetectable. Radon is the result of the breakdown of uranium in soil and rock. Aurora Home Inspections is a certified Radon Inspector and Tester in NJ. We provide comprehensive Radon inspections to Bergen County NJ and surrounding area homeowners. You should be aware that Radon can be a health risk in NJ.


How Does Radon Get Into A Home?


Radon can enter your home through the ground, ground water and through building material. A crack in the foundation of your house can allow Radon to enter. The EPA suggests that all homes sold in the U.S. be tested for Radon. When purchasing a house you need a full inspection, but testing for Radon should be scheduled periodically while living in a house.


How Is Radon A Health Risk?


Radon can be responsible for respiratory conditions and even lung cancer. Aurora Home Inspections performs thorough inspections of homes in NJ and testing for Radon is one element of those inspections. We inspect and test for the presence of Radon and we recommend remediation. We do not do the remediation work, we only inspect and test and report on the result of those tests.


Rely On Aurora For Thorough Inspections


Home Inspections performed by Aurora Home Inspections are complete and done by qualified inspectors. If you are purchasing a home and need a full inspection, or if you are concerned about Radon and want to know if there is an unacceptable level of it on your premises, give us a call at (201) 476-9200. We focus on the well being of NJ homeowners and the health of their homes.

Prepared For Winter Storm Power Outages Bergen County NJ

Being Prepared for Winter Storm Power Outages

Being Prepared for Winter Storm Power Outages in Bergen County NJ

Winter Storm Power Outages in Bergen County NJSometimes it seems like severe storms are becoming more frequent, and that power outages are on the rise in Bergen County, NJ. When a harsh storm hits in the wintertime, a power outage can really wreak some havoc. Trouble might be caused by trees falling onto power lines, and the resulting outages can mean hours or even days without electricity or heat in the home. Worst-case scenario, a lack of heat can lead to broken water pipes and flooding.

These events can affect thousands of households. And while we can’t prevent a storm, we certainly get plenty of warning beforehand in this day and age, so we can prepare for the coming event.  Aurora Home Inspections can offer you some advice for power outage preparedness.


Stock The Home Before A Winter Storm Arrives!

While we may have all gone to the grocery at the last minute before a winter storm hit, often we find their shelves are already near empty. So, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weather in order to prepare accordingly. Enough non-perishable food types to last a whole family for a week is probably a good idea. Try to keep these items in storage, and don’t plan on using them until they are truly needed. Canned foods, dry cereal, nuts, healthy snack items, and bottled water are obvious. And let’s not forget about the pets, some pet food, and medication too!

Remember to refill any medical prescriptions, painkillers, or cold remedies. In addition to food and water, consider plenty of batteries and flashlights if the lights go out. If the heating source is lost, blankets are going to become essential. And lots of wood for the fireplace too.


Generators Are A Good Investment For Emergency Power

Whether via winter storms or other causes, an automatic standby generator can be a great investment to protect against what comes with the resulting power outage. These are installed outside a home in a unit that can look similar to the air conditioner. An automatic generator can power the whole home, automatically, including when no one is there to turn it on. If that’s out of the budget, another less expensive option is a portable generator. These require manual operation and are typically limited to powering only the key items in a home. They are generally gasoline-fueled and have to be operated outside. For the safety and comfort of a family, Aurora Home Inspections recommends consideration for a generator.


Post-Winter Storm 

While it is a relief when the winter storm is over, don’t allow it to feel completely safe yet. Pay attention to weather and traffic reports before leaving the home or getting into the car. Downed power lines or trees are often the next challenge, so keep flashlights ready! Consider checking in on neighbors, the elderly, or the disabled.

Aurora Home Inspections is Bergen County’s most qualified and experienced home inspection firm. If you need an inspection after a winter storm, or as a precaution – let us know. If you are buying or selling a home and need a professional inspection, call us / Aurora Home Inspection, LLC at (201)476-9200.

Home Inspection Checklist Bergen County NJ

A Comprehensive Home Inspection Checklist

Things YOU Should Look For in a Home Inspector | Home Inspection Checklist

Comprehensive Home Inspection Checklist Bergen County NJWhether you are selling a home or buying a home, you need to have the home inspected. Your home inspection checklist should start with researching industry organizations and trade groups that a good inspector would be a member of. An inspector should be certified and licensed and have a good background in home inspection education. Aurora Home Inspections’ qualifications page is lengthy and includes everything needed for a comprehensive home inspection checklist.

You should also look for a home inspector located near you. A local inspector will be familiar with regulations and standards in equipment and construction for your area. Although cost should never be the only consideration, travel time can add to the expense of the inspection.

A buyer may think a newly built house doesn’t need to be inspected. Just because it is up to code doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a thorough going over by a qualified inspector.

It is essential to be present during an inspection. Written reports are important, but some things need to be seen in order to understand the problem. Whether it is major or minor, your inspector can alert you to a problem right away if you are there.

Things That Should be on a Home Inspector’s Checklist

Typically, a home inspector’s checklist includes the following:

  • House Construction – Foundation
  • Exterior and Interior
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Fireplaces
  • Air Quality
  • Appliances

Aurora Home Inspections offers homeowners more than the comprehensive home inspection noted in Bergen County or the surrounding NJ area towns. We are also fully licensed for virtually all property inspection options, including mold, IAQ, radon gas, tank sweep (GPR included), and termite/WDI infestations. Areas that one may or may not want to be added to an inspection report. For commercial building owners, Aurora is also a licensed and certified commercial property and building inspector

Highly Qualified Home Inspection is Available

If you are buying or selling a home, you want to know about possible pitfalls that could jeopardize the transaction. Buyers and sellers alike need an inspection report that covers everything. For the most comprehensive examination of a house in Bergen County, NJ, by a fully certified inspector, call Aurora Home Inspections at (201) 476-9200 for an appointment.


Township of Washington NJ Mold Inspection Services

Mold Can Threaten Your Health


Mold grows in dark, wet places where moisture has been allowed to sit unnoticed. In some instances this mold can start to affect the health of members of the family, or even pets. Homes near bodies of water are generally more susceptible to mold growth because of increased moisture that settles and is found in the air. When family members seem to become ill and you can’t find a reason for it, it could be mold. It may be an allergic reaction, but sometimes it can develop into more serious health issues. Mold can pose a threat to your health.


How Do You Determine If Mold Is Growing?


A mold inspection by Aurora Home Inspections LLC is a good way to determine if mold is growing in your home. We are certified mold inspectors and can tell if mold is present, what type of mold it is, and how large an area is involved. We take samples from surfaces and from the air. We can measure the temperature and humidity level in your house. We have the knowledge and experience to know where to look for mold and to measure the level of growth. We offer qualified mold inspection using up-to-date mold detection techniques.


A Certified Mold Inspection Can Prevent Health Problems Caused By Mold


As mold is very often invisible and hides on surfaces as well as in the air, a thorough mold inspection by a qualified mold inspector is in order. Mold does sometimes present a musty odor, but most often homeowners are unaware of its presence. Aurora Home Inspections offers certified mold inspections, either as part of an overall home inspection or as a separate specific inspection for mold. If you suspect the presence of mold in your home, call Aurora Home Inspections at (201) 476-9200. We are located in Bergen County NJ, but we serve a wide area in and around Bergen County.