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At Aurora Home Inspections, we provide professional, accurate, and complete home, building, commercial property inspection service to Bergen County as well as the surrounding counties (Hudson, Essex, Morris, Passaic, Middlesex, Rockland, Orange, Westchester) and towns of NJ and NY so that a person can buy or sell your home with confidence. As trained and experienced professionals, we have seen it all. Our services will provide invaluable information to help turn you into a knowledgeable consumer. A knowledgeable homeowner can identify problems in the making and take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs. A knowledgeable home seller can understand conditions that a future buyer’s inspector may point out and put the property in better selling condition by making repairs.

Our highly qualified inspection | inspector service options include:

Home Inspection Checklist Bergen County NJ


Home, condo, and townhouse inspections in Bergen County NJ are an important part of any real estate transaction, but can also be carried out by homeowners wanting to know the overall condition of a home they may have owned for years


Commercial Building Inspections in Bergen County NJ are an important part of any commercial real estate transaction, but can also be carried out by building owners simply wanting to know the overall condition of their property.


Pre-listing inspections in Bergen County NJ can be an invaluable step in the selling process. Knowing what issues exist prior to listing can enable a homeowner to make necessary repairs or to or to simply be prepared throughout the selling process.


Radon inspections in Bergen County NJ are best performed by Aurora Home Inspections. Not only will Aurora Home Inspections test your home for radon, but we will also go one step further by offering a Radon Protection Plan! Knowing whether radon exists is an important feature for the health of your home and your family.


Mold inspections in Bergen County NJ can reveal whether this fungus exists in your home and how widespread the problem may be. While most homeowners are familiar with the black mold that appears in wet areas of a home, like kitchens and bathrooms, the existence of invisible mold can go virtually unnoticed.


Termite inspections and pest control services in Bergen County NJ are helpful to real estate investors as well as homeowners. Termites can do a number on a home and knowing whether or not they are hiding somewhere can prevent undue damage.


At Aurora Home Inspections, we understand the importance of your home’s health for you and your family. This is why we offer expert indoor air quality inspections to Bergen County NJ and the surrounding area.

Township of Washington NJ Home Inspector Checklist


Buried Tank Sweeps are recommended in older homes where there was a conversion from oil heat to gas heat. The oil tank is usually buried under a front or side lawn and is susceptible to rust and erosion over time. This can result in the release of oil into the ground surrounding your home.


We also inspect decks! We will inspect the structure, Stairs, Footings and Posts, Joists, Joist Connections and Girders, Ledger Connections, Deck Boards, Handrail Assemblies Guards, items in proximity, and more.

FAQ | Inspection Inspector Services 

Why are NJ home inspections important?

Home inspections are necessary to identify any major issues with a home, especially for buyers prior to closing.

Can NJ home inspections be done during COVID-19?

Yes! With the recommended guidelines and precautions in place, home inspections can still be done during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Will an NJ home inspection detect mold?

Standard home inspections generally do not include mold, but at Aurora Home Inspections we do also offer mold testing.


And while we are based in Bergen County NJ
serving the property owners of its towns such as Township of Washington, Ridgewood, MontvaleTeaneckBergenfieldUpper Saddle River, and more – we also gladly serve the property owners in Hudson, Essex, Morris, Passaic, Middlesex, Rockland, Orange and Westchester counties!