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Upper Saddle River New Jersey  07458 is a borough in Bergen County with the ‘Saddle River’ running through its middle. Not to be confused with the neighboring borough of ‘Saddle River’, Upper Saddle River is close to New York City and yet still miles away in terms of lifestyle. The majority of the homesites here are one full acre in size, offering space and privacy to its’ residents. Home buyers in Upper Saddle River NJ can employ the services of Aurora Home Inspections for their pre-purchase home inspections. These Upper Saddle River NJ Home Inspections include a 90 Day Limited Warranty, Sewer Gard, Mold Safe, Termite Protection Plan, Radon Protection Plan, Platinum Roof Protection Plan, Concierge Service, and Homeowner’s Resource providing access to professionals for questions about a home.

The early industry in Upper Saddle River NJ included farming and mills that ground grain and processed lumber among other things. As an agricultural community Upper Saddle River was known for growing strawberries and apples. While the farms are gone the nice large lots have kept the area green with nicely manicured lawns and full growth trees.

Upper Saddle River NJ is primarily a residential community, but is also home to some large corporations. The borough is home to Onkyo USA, a producer of audio, visual, and home theater systems. Large companies like this are a great bonus for those residents of Upper Saddle River who want to live close to where they work. Anyone relocating to the area benefits from the locally experienced services provided by Upper Saddle River NJ Home Inspections company Aurora Home Inspections.  Aurora Home Inspections provides exceptional service backed by 100% customer satisfaction and a money back guarantee.

Upper Saddle River New Jersey is attractive to families looking for a quieter way of life and access to great schools. Families have access to great recreation as well, with programming that includes basketball, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse to name a few. Families moving to Upper Saddle River use Aurora Home Inspections to conduct pre-purchase home inspections as an integral part to the home buying process, ensuring that a wise investment is made and that families can move into healthy homes.

Aurora Home Inspections is the premier home inspection company in 07458.  The knowledgeable and experienced home inspectors conduct thorough exams of homes and offer specialized add- on where needed services such as termite, mold, and radon inspections. Standing behind these inspections is what sets Aurora Home Inspections apart from the competition. Our long list of Upper Saddle River NJ Home Inspections guarantees and benefits includes: 100% Guarantee, RecallChek, 90 Day Limited Warranty, Mold Safe, Termite Protection Plan, Radon Protection Plan, Platinum Roof Protection Plan, Concierge Service, and Homeowner’s Resource.

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