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Certified Condo Townhouse Home Inspector NJHome inspections are an important part of any real estate transaction regardless of condo, townhouse or home. A condo, townhouse or home inspection may also be carried out by an owner simply wanting to know the overall condition of the property they own. Aurora Home Inspections, based in the Township of Washington, will conduct these inspections, throughout Bergen County and the surrounding area counties and towns of NJ and NY. We are a top NJ home inspector certified to offer all types of inspection. We are an educated, experienced, detail-oriented service that you can trust!

In the case of a real estate transaction, many times, a seller will conduct an inspection before listing a property in an effort to avoid unforeseen issues that may arise as a result of the home, condo, or townhouse inspection contingency. Far more often, however, the inspection occurs once a home is under contract. In this case, a home inspector is hired to fulfill the home inspection, at which point any issues with a home are then negotiated between the buyer and the seller. Aurora Home Inspections is hands-down the home inspector of choice for Bergen County, New Jersey, the surrounding NJ, and Rockland, Orange and Westchester County, New York (NY) towns.

About Our NJ Home Condo Townhouse Property Inspections

Homes, condos, and townhouses are all different types of properties, yet capable of having the same issues. One might think that a single-family home would have more potential issues, but the reality is that anything that can be wrong with a house can also be wrong with a condo or townhouse, including termite issues, Radon, mold, leaking pipes, or a faulty roof. The largest difference between a condo/townhouse and a house is who is responsible for the repairs. Condos and townhouses have associations, each with its own rules and regulations to outline what the association is responsible for and what the homeowner is responsible for. It is important to point out that repairs are not part of the home inspection process, so there is never any conflict of interest.

The most notable piece of information related to a home inspection in Bergen County, NJ, and/or Rockland County, NY, would be that the inspection is provided by a neutral party. A home inspector has no skin in the game when it comes to the condition of a home other than integrity. Issues that arise and necessitate repairs will require the hiring of a plumber, roofer, electrician, or other specialty contractors. The home inspector is merely a diagnostician, enabling you to know the overall health of a home.

A home inspection provided by Aurora Home Inspections will include a checklist that covers the basic elements of a home. Both the exterior and interior of the home will be analyzed. The inspection will include a recall check, ensuring that all appliances are not only in good working order but also in the condition of their manufacturer’s guarantee. In addition, Aurora Home Inspections includes a 90 Day Limited Warranty, Sewer Gard, Mold Safe, Termite Protection Plan, Radon Protection Plan, Platinum Roof Protection Plan, Concierge Service, and Home Owner’s Resource, which offers access to professionals for questions about your property.

Why Choose Aurora Home Inspections?

Home, condo, and townhouse inspections are best performed by Aurora Home Inspections, a company that backs up its expert home inspections and goes above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied. The knowledge, experience, and service provided can ensure your property is inspected and, more importantly, that the inspection is guaranteed. If knowing the exact condition of a home is important to you, make sure your home inspection is carried out by a company that backs their service.

Aurora Home Inspections is different from the rest, set apart by its extraordinary service. Our goal is to offer you a home inspection that provides a thorough analysis, enabling homeowners, buyers, and sellers to understand the exact conditions of a home regardless of whether it is part of a real estate transaction or an effort to understand the overall health of a home. Aurora Home Inspections serve the towns of Bergen County, NJ, Rockland County, NY, as well as surrounding area towns.


And while we are based in Township of Washington in Bergen County NJ we serve the property owners throughout. As property inspector, we are also honored to serve the property owners in Hudson, Essex, Morris, Passaic, and Middlesex Counties in NJ, as well as, Rockland, Orange and Westchester Counties in NY!


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