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Rockland County New York is located nine miles northwest of New York City on the western edge of the Hudson River. As its name suggests Rockland County is home to some rocky land. Its highest point is Rockhouse Mountain whose peak is 1,283 feet above sea level.  Its proximity to New York City and its location so close to the norther New Jersey border make Rockland County NY a sought after location to call home.  Home buyers and sellers here have access to quality Rockland County NY Home Inspections services provided by Aurora Home Inspections. Aurora Home Inspections stands behind their work with guarantees and they can also cover commercial buildings, home pre-purchase, termite, radon, and mold.

The Hudson River offers a beautiful natural border to the county. Here you will find the oldest lighthouse on the river, Stony Point Light, constructed in the early 1800s and still operating today.  There is no doubt that the river played an important role in the history of the area, a great point of focus for the community today.

Rockland County’s history is rooted in the native American tribes of the Lenape and the Munsees, followed by the early Dutch and English settlers.  During the American Revolutionary War the county saw its share of battles and was also housed George Washington for a short period of time during the war.  The county remained rural for some time with the largest industry being a purveyor of both stone and brick.

Today Rockland County is home to a diverse population and a variety of businesses. Industries that are thriving here include those in the health, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, construction, and research fields.  The County is truly one where people can live, work and play. It is the commitment to open space, safe secure neighborhoods, cultural and recreational opportunities here that home buyers wishing to escape the city find attractive. Home buyers rely heavily on the pre-purchase Rockland County NY Home Inspections provided by Aurora Home Inspections. Aurora inspections are also 100% guaranteed with service for specific things like recalled appliances, a 90 day warranty that covers repairs to items found to be in good working condition at the time of inspection, plus sewer, mold, termite protection for things not present at the time of inspection.

A third of Rockland County is comprised of open space. The parks in the county offer a diversity of outdoor activities, including hiking trails, fishing, playing fields, dog parks, and trails for horseback riding. Bear Mountain State Park, Nyack Beach State Park, Hook Mountain State Park, and Harriman State Park are but a few favorite spots to enjoy the landscape and natural environment here and all that it offers.  It is the access to open space that adds greatly to the quality of life of residents here. Homeowners can always look to the experienced Rockland County NY Home Inspections of Aurora Home Inspectors.

While a small county in terms of area Rockland County is densely populated.  However, the easy access to open space and great recreation makes residents feel like they have the best of both worlds.  If you are moving to Rockland County rest assured that your new home is healthy by hiring a top home inspector.  The pre-purchase Rockland County NY Home Inspections by Aurora Home Inspections is an important part of that buying process.

Aurora Home Inspections offers an extensive list of inspection services.  Whether you are looking for a termite inspection, a mold inspection, or a radon inspection there are a variety of guarantees available that ensure the results you are getting are valid results.  Rockland County NY home inspections completed by Aurora Home Inspections ensure your real estate investment is a healthy one.

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