Tank Sweep (GPR) Inspector | Tank Sweep (GPR) Inspection Based In Bergen County NJ

Aurora Home Inspections offers both home and commercial property owners the very necessaryTank Sweep With Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Inspection Bergen County NJ Buried Tank Sweep Inspection and/or Oil Tank Sweep Inspection option. We are based in the Township of Washington, Bergen County, NJ and we conduct these inspections throughout Bergen County,  as well as the surrounding counties (Hudson, Essex, Morris, Passaic, Middlesex, Rockland, Orange, Westchester) and towns of NJ and NY. We offer the leading edge GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar machinery and technology with our inspections, so these tests we provide are also often referred to as Ground Penetrating Radar Inspections. If it is of interest, we have a Schloenstadt tank sweep test machine, a Fisher and also a GPR machine called Mala EZ Locator. It’s important because many tank sweep inspectors use basic tools; with our GPR equipment, we can offer a much deeper, more reliable tank sweep with advantaged GPR testing technology.

Our Tank Sweep testing service can be added to a total Home or Building Inspection, or it can be independent of all other inspection services. Buried Tank Sweeps are recommended in older properties, residential or commercial, where there was or will be a conversion from oil to gas heat. The oil tank is usually buried under a front or side lawn and is susceptible to rust and erosion over time. This can result in the release of oil into the ground surrounding your home. The upshot of this can be an environmental hazard that comes with large cleanup costs. Most home buyers will ask for a buried oil tank to be removed.

Locating Buried Oil Tanks in NJ Property | Tank Sweep Inspection

During a regular property inspection, our inspector looks for evidence of an obsolete oil heating system. A tank sweep with ground penetrating radar (GPR) inspection can then be used to locate any buried oil tanks. The area is then marked for removal at the discretion of the present homeowner or the purchaser. It is in the best interest of a property owner to have a Tank Sweep/Oil Tank Inspection and/or Ground penetrating radar inspection. Aurora Home Inspections is always happy to discuss these services in detail so, please do not hesitate to call or write with any questions you may have!

Certified Property Inspection Based In Bergen County, NJ

Aurora Home Inspections is the top home and property inspection service based in Bergen County, NJ. We bring experience, a long list of qualifications, and a leading edge in inspector tools (i.e., Ground Penetrating Radar) to every inspection that we perform. We offer satisfaction, and we are always available to discuss your concerns.

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