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Bergen County New Jersey is in the Gateway Region of NJ, located in the northeastern corner of the state and just across the George Washington Bridge from New York City. Its close proximity to Manhattan and accessible public transportation makes Bergen County NJ a popular place to live for commuters. Homeowners and buyers alike here are offered great peace of mind knowing the Bergen County home inspection services provided by Aurora Home Inspections are nearby. Bergen County NJ Home Inspections by Aurora Home Inspections can include pre- listing or pre-purchase in addition to termite, mold and radon. Aurora inspections are also 100% guaranteed with service for specific things like recalled appliances, a 90 day warranty that covers repairs to items found to be in good working condition at the time of inspection, plus sewer, mold, termite protection for things not present at the time of inspection.

Bergen County is one of the four original counties of New jersey, adding to its rich heritage and history. The Battle of Fort Lee took place in the county during the American Revolutionary War. This battle occurred in November of 1776, a successful invasion by the British Army giving them a stake in New Jersey. Today the Fort Lee Historic Park is a spot to learn more about an important part of New Jersey’s past. The many landmarks that exist here in Bergen County NJ allow residents to gain insight not only on the area’s rich history, but for the entire state of New Jersey.

Modern day Bergen County has a reputation of being one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. Yet even with this reputation the real estate here is diverse, with everything from affordable to high end housing. The diversity of available homes suits the equally diverse population as Bergen County is truly a cultural melting pot. Whether you are looking to buy an older home or a newer home you will find solace in the Bergen County NJ Home Inspections services provided by locally informed Aurora Home Inspections. Hiring a home inspector is an important part of buying a home and a pre-purchase home inspection will ensure that you know it’s exact condition prior to closing day.

Home buyers are drawn to Bergen County in part because of the great amount of open space here. There are 9,000 acres of park space in the county. The access to parks, trails, playing fields, lakes, and rivers adds to the lifestyle of residents here. The ability to be outdoors adds to an active and healthier lifestyle. Residents here also sleep soundly at night knowing their homes are healthy thanks to a quality Bergen County NJ home inspections company. Aurora Home Inspections can conduct mold inspections, radon inspections, termite inspections and a pre- listing or pre-purchase home inspection among its many services.

Aurora Home Inspections offers extraordinary service backed by a number of different guarantees. Our experienced Bergen County NJ home inspectors will provide a thorough analysis of your home and stand behind the results. Knowing your home is healthy is essential for both homebuyers and homeowners. Aurora Home Inspections has home inspectors that are licensed in New Jersey and New York. Contact Aurora Home Inspections of Bergen County today for a pre- listing or pre-purchase home inspection or for the detection of mold, the presence of radon, or termite issues.

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