Commercial Building Inspections in Bergen County

Township of Washington NJ NJ Certified Commercial Property Inspections


Owning or leasing a commercial building is a large responsiblity. Having a commercial NJ
building inspected by a licensed inspector can be a good investment. You may be in process
of buying or selling a commercial property, or you just want to know about the general
condition of a building you own. In either case, Aurora Home Inspections is an experienced
and knowledgeable Certified Commercial Property Inspector, located in Bergen County and
offering inspections with official credentials. We have inspected a number of commercial
structures in Bergen County and nearby areas. In that regard we have become familiar with
local building requirements. For a comprehensive NJ inspection of commercial buildings by a highly qualified, certified inspector, give Aurora Home Inspections a call.


Inspection Reports That Reflect A Building Owner’s Needs


Whatever the purpose of the inspection, Aurora Home Inspections issues reports that are
customized to the building owner’s intended audience. We use wording that points out any
problems found during inspection. We make specific recommendations, and include an approximate repair and replacement costs. We do not offer repair and replacements ourselves. Our commercial property inspections follow ASTM E2018 Standard requirements. ASTM was formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials. With a report from Aurora Home
Inspections, you are getting a report that has been designed by an international non-profit
testing organization offering property information for NJ inspection of commercial buildings.


We Can Evaluate Many Types of Commercial Buildings


Some of the kinds of buildings we provide Bergen County Commercial Building Inspections for
are the following:

  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Office
  • Churches
  • Special use buildings, such as sports complexes or nursing homes


Inspections Are Geared To Your Unique Situation


Building Inspections by Aurora Home Inspections vary depending upon the reason for the

  • Pre-Purchase
  • Pre-Lease
  • Pre-Sale
  • Refinancing
  • Technical Audits

Factors that have a bearing on how a building is inspected might include the age of the
building, who is occupying the building, and the type of construction used. A client
will dictate the type of inspection done. An inspection can be for only part of a building
or for the entire building.


Call On The Most Qualified Commercial Building Inspector


For the most qualified inspector of commercial buildings in Bergen County NJ, call on
Aurora Home Inspections. We can be reached at (201) 476-9200.