Water Operated Sump Pump In The NJ Home!

Positive NJ Home Inspection Observations:municipal water operated sump pump for bergen county nj homes Water Operated Sump Pump!

A common issue in NJ Homes, especially in Bergen County, NJ, where the water table can be very high, is basement flooding. Water and flooding may lead not only to property damage but mold. When inspecting a basement, we often observe this and any related issues and/or solutions. When there is a potential problem, it only makes sense to consider necessary preventative solutions. In flood-prone towns, it can mean that there is a need for a sump pump. So, one positive NJ Home Inspection observation is that there is an innovative pump solution available out there for your home! Rather than depend on batteries or electricity – there is also a readily available ‘water-operated sump pump.’

How Does A Water Operated Sump Pump Work?

So when there is water accumulating, possibly from local storms, the Water Powered Sump Pump will use local municipal water as its’ source of power to combat the issue. While mostly used as a backup, it can actually leverage that same municipal water during a storm to pump incoming water out of the home. Possibly better than a sump pump powered by electricity, which can go down during a storm, or by a battery that can go dead, this option presents a reliable backup solution.

The Water Operated Sump Pump connects to a home’s municipal water line and, along with a suction pump mechanism and a discharge pipe, can pump water out. Going further, there is a float (or ball) connected to the suction pump valve, via flexible tubing. When a primary power source fails, and the water rises, the ‘Water Operated Sump Pump’ float is lifted to a place that will then open the municipal valve allowing its water to flow in or through. This creates suction that pulls or empties the water pit, discharging that water through pipes to somewhere outside the home. Somewhere where no harm will occur! Ultimately, the pump operates based on physics or what is known as Bernoulli Principle and the pressure necessary to replace that battery-powered pump.

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