Your Checklist For Engaging A Home Inspection Service


When buying or selling a house, you will need a home inspection. You want a thorough home inspection and this means hiring the most experienced, certified inspector. Aurora Home Inspections LLC, located in Township of Washington, Bergen County NJ is the most qualified Home Inspection Service in NJ and we serve a large part of New Jersey and some areas of NY State. Checklists for detailed Home Inspections in NJ are an essential tool.

Your quest for a home inspector could start with recommendations from a family member or close friend. Recommendations can go a long way. Another good criterion for hiring a home inspector is if they belong to respected industry organizations and trade groups. A home inspector should be licensed and certified and seeking continued education in the field. Aurora Home Inspections offers a long list of qualifications and memberships.

Regarding price, proximity to your location should be taken into consideration. A local inspector will be familiar with regulations and standards in construction and codes for your area. Although cost should not be the only criterion, travel time can factor into the cost of an inspection.

Both old and new construction should be inspected. Just because a property is “up to code” doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be looked over. If you are present during the inspection, and this is a good idea, ask lots of questions and engage the inspector in conversation regarding your inspection.


Your Inspector Should Also Have A Checklist


A Home Inspector’s checklist should typically include the following:

  • House Construction – Foundation
  • Exterior and Interior
  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Indoor Air Quality

To obtain a really thorough inspection, ask about add-ons to your contract. Make yourself aware of what should be included in a standard home inspection report.


Experienced Home Inspections Are Provided All Over NJ


Aurora Home Inspections LLC offers the most comprehensive examination of a house and property. Our inspections are provided by a fully licensed inspector. We are located in Bergen County and serve our community on a daily basis, but we also cover Hudson County, Essex County, Morris County, Passaic County and Middlesex County, in addition to nearby areas of New York State.

When you are in need of a Home Inspection call Aurora Home Inspections LLC. We can be reached at (201) 476-9200.