Township of Washington NJ Radon Inspections


What Is Radon And How Does It Enter A Home?


Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that occurs naturally in the environment. It is the result of a breakdown of uranium in soil and rock. Radon can enter your home through the ground where there may be cracks in your house’s foundation. It can also enter through groundwater, and sometimes through building materials. The EPA suggests that all homes sold in the U.S. be tested for Radon. Aurora Home Inspections performs Radon Inspection and Testing in Bergen County NJ and nearby surrounding areas including NYS. We also offer Radon Inspection and Testing for Multi-Family Properties, Schools and Buildings or Commercial Property.


Health Risks


Exposure to Radon gas can be responsible for respiratory conditions and sometimes can cause lung cancer. When Aurora Home Inspections conducts an inspection for Radon and it is found to be above acceptable levels, we recommend remediation. We do not remediate, we only inspect and test and report results to the homeowner. Remediation is done by an entirely different agency. This way there is no conflict of interest between inspector and remediator.


Certified Inspections


Aurora Home Inspections offers certified Radon inspections and testing conducted by a licensed and qualified inspector. We want to make Home Inspection clients aware of issues that can be dangerous to the health of those in their homes. If you are concerned about Radon and want your property inspected and tested, give us a call at (201)476-9200.