NJ Tank Sweep Inspections Using GPR Technology

Ground Penetrating Radar Technology


Aurora Home Inspections offers Tank Sweep Inspections using GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) technology to locate buried tanks on residential or commercial properties in NJ. We are located in Bergen County and we perform these inspections in Bergen County as well as in surrounding counties in NJ and NY. We utilize GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar machinery and technology to locate buried tanks and other underground storage units. Tank Sweep Inspections using GPR technology are more accurate and go deeper than standard methods of finding buried tanks.


Why Is A Tank Sweep Necessary?


Most tank sweep inspections are conducted to find buried oil tanks. These oil tanks that housed the fuel oil that heated a house or building can become degraded with age. When conversion to gas heat is contemplated or if the house is going to be sold, the tank needs to be found and removed. If the tank is found to be leaking oil into the ground, it can mean a costly cleanup for the homeowner because it is considered to be an environmental hazard. Most home buyers will want a buried oil tank to be removed.  NJ Tank Sweep Inspections using GPR technology are recommended.


Certified and Qualified Property Inspection


Aurora Home Inspections offers certified tank sweep inspections performed by qualified technicians. We are always happy to discuss a tank sweep inspection as part of a home inspection or as a separate inspection service. We offer experience, an extensive list of qualifications and state-of-the-art machinery when performing our inspections. For a tank sweep or any other home inspection service in Bergen County NJ and surrounding locations, please call us at (201) 476-9200. We gladly serve the homeowners and property owners in these areas.