Prepare For Winter Power Outages


Cold weather often brings heavy snow and wind. Winter has become a hazardous season for many homeowners. Power outages occur more often and they can result in major problems. Electrical outages are mostly caused by trees falling on power lines. This loss of power can last for days and leave you without heat. No heat may lead to frozen pipes and flooding. Nobody can prevent winter storms but we can prepare for them, and Aurora Home Inspections, LLC offers some tips for winter storm power outage preparation.


Try To Fill The Pantry Before The Arrival Of A Storm


Usually we have plenty of warning before a major winter storm. This allows us to stock up on essentials for keeping the family fed. Non-perishables are the best thing to have on hand as you probably won’t have refrigeration. Canned goods, dry cereal, nuts and healthy snacks and plenty of bottled water are a start. Stock up on food for pets too. If medication is needed daily, be sure to fill prescriptions. Batteries for flashlights are good to have on hand, and wood for the fireplace. A supply of warm blankets is also something to think about.


Generators Are A Good Investment


Montvale NJ Home Inspections - Winter Storm Power OutagesSince the length of time being without power can drag on many families in New Jersey are investing in generators. There are two options when it comes to having a power back-up plan – portable generators, or automatic standby generators. The automatic generators generally are about the size of an air-conditioning unit and stand outside the house much like an air-conditioning unit. They are the more expensive option, but they do go on automatically when the power goes out. Automatic generators hook up to a home’s gas line. Portable generators cost less, but need to use fuel to keep them running, and have to be manually operated outside of the house.

Be Careful After The Storm!


When the storm has passed we feel relieved. Don’t allow that relief to make you incautious. Get weather reports and if you plan to drive get traffic reports also. There could be downed trees or wires outside, so keep the flashlight with you. Don’t allow pets to run loose until you’ve checked on the grounds. It’s also neighborly to remember to check on elderly or disabled people in the area.


Post-Storm Home Inspections


Aurors Home Inspections, LLC is the most qualified and most experienced inspection service in Bergen County NJ and environs. If the worst has happened and you need fast inspection service because of storm damage, we are always prepared to help. You want to be able to gauge the damage so you can get it repaired quickly.

Of course, Aurora is available year round to perform home inspections for home sellers and buyers. We have high standards and offer the best and most complete House, Condo and Townhouse inspections as well as Commercial Building inspections in the Bergen County area. Inspections for Mold, Termites, Radon and Tank Sweeps are also offered. We can be reached at (201) 476-9200 for appointments.