Preparing For An Inspection Of Your House


Township of Washington NJ Preparation For A Home Inspection


When you are selling your house, the home inspection process may make you a bit edgy. As long as you have not misrepresented your house, there is no reason to be nervous. As you probably won’t be present during the inspection, there are things you should see to before the inspector arrives. This makes it easier for the inspector, and your house will be at its best. Aurora Home Inspections is a highly qualified home inspector in Bergen County NJ. Whether the inspection is for a seller or a buyer we always offer the truest report on the condition of a home.


Tips To Help Prepare For A Home Inspection


Be sure all light bulbs are working and switches are tight and working properly. The inspector will look everywhere in your house and you want to make sure the lighting is adequate

De-clutter closets and pantries. Again, the inspector will give them a thorough look and he needs to be able to see in corners.

Basement walls should be cleared so the inspector can check for cracks and leaks.

Make access to the attic easy.

Change filters for the furnace and heating and cooling systems.

If the house is unoccupied, make sure the power is on and all systems are working.

Most important of all, don’t try to hide any defects you know about. The inspector will find them anyway, and if it looks like you tried to hide them it will make the¬†prospective buyer wary.


Present An Honest Picture Of The Home


Follow the tips above and perhaps others that your inspector may offer. This way a clear depiction of the condition of your house will be presented. Obviously the better the inspection, the happier the prospective buyer. A buyer that is in a good frame of mind will undoubtedly have a positive opinion of the house.

Aurora Home Inspections offers our services to NJ homeowners and we provide a comprehensive report on the condition of a house. Our inspections are professional and our reports are clear and honest. If you need a home inspection, call us at (201) 476-9200