Last Minute NJ Home Winterization Projects

Last Minute NJ Home Winterization Projects

NJ Home Winterization Project IdeasAt this time of year, you may be thinking about the coming winter and any necessary home winterization projects. For instance, your furnace inspection should be on the list, as should any siding or roofing repair. If so, you are likely on the way to enjoying a warm, carefree winter in your home. However, we want to make local homeowners aware of a few other potentially important last-minute home winterization projects. Aurora Home Inspections is based in the Township of Washington, and we conduct home and property inspections throughout Bergen County and the surrounding areas of NJ and NY.

So, here are a few less common home winterization projects you may want to plan to take care of soon!

  1. Survey the perimeter of the home, and if the brush is too close, be sure to cut it back. Shrubs, bushes, low-hanging trees, and even potted plants are hiding places for rodents during the winter months. Cutting them back will deter those rodents, while also protecting the home during ice and other storms from scrapes by branches.
  2. Prepare and secure outdoor plumbing! During the winter, water can freeze and thereby expand inside any hoses or sprinklers. If so, this can cause serious damage to property. Drain hoses, pools, exterior pipes, sprinklers, and/or any unheated pipes must be taken seriously! If draining is not an option, make sure to cover and insulate, one must avoid breaks, cracks, and bursts. Also, be sure to cover exposed spigots, maybe using a newspaper and some duct tape.
  3. Round up the outdoor furniture and store it for winter. When you wait until the last minute, which so many of us do, the outdoor furniture will inevitably end up covered in ice or snow. Get ahead of it, put them away, and have healthy, clean furniture for the next season. And don’t forget to cover up, or put away, the potted plants and barbecue grills.
  4. Drain any gasoline from lawn equipment. Condensation can build up in the winter months and cause engine trouble later on if water builds up in the gas tank. If you can’t drain the gas from tanks, then consider adding a gas additive to avoid that condensation issue.

And don’t stop after you have the big things done. There’s always something with an NJ home. Just know that it will be a much more enjoyable winter and a less expensive spring if you tackle these last-minute home winterization projects today!

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