Prepare For Winter Storms and Power Outages In Bergen County And Northern NJ


Bergen County NJ Inspector - Prepare For Winter StormsSeems like winter storms are becoming more plentiful and more severe here in Bergen County, NJ, and beyond. Power outages can be a result of these storms and they can cause major problems. Power outages are often caused by trees falling on power lines or the property itself and they may last for hours or even days. This can leave one without heat, which in turn can lead to frozen water pipes and flooding, and more.

While we cannot prevent winter storms, we can prepare for them as there is generally lots of warning. Aurora Home Inspections, LLC can offer advice on preparing for winter storm power outages.


1. Stock Up Prior To The Arrival of a Storm


Often if you wait too long before the onset of a winter storm you’ll find the grocery shelves empty. Get what you’ll need for a few days to a week to keep your family fed. Non-perishables are best as you may not have refrigeration. Try to keep some non-perishables aside for emergency use. Bottled water dry cereal, nuts, healthy snacks, and canned foods, are a good start. Remember food for pets, and also medication for everyone including those pets. It’s a good idea to have flashlight batteries around when the lights go out. If you lose a heat source then a good supply of blankets is going to be a necessity. Wood for the fireplace will also help to keep everyone warm during a winter storm power outage.


2. Invest In Emergency Power


Since the average length of time being without power is growing longer, many families in New Jersey are turning to generators. There are two options when it comes to backup power – portable generators and automatic standby generators. The portable type is less expensive and is usually manually operated and fueled by gasoline. They must be operated outside of the house. Automatic generators (see the image above) are permanently installed outside the house like an air-conditioning unit. They are attached to a home’s gas line and turn on automatically when the power goes out.


3. Use Caution After the Storm


When the storm is over there is a tremendous feeling of relief! Don’t let this have you throw caution to the wind! Be aware, and try to find reliable weather and traffic reports before leaving the house or getting in the car. Why? Well, there may be downed wires or trees. Have a flashlight handy! And remember to check on elderly or disabled neighbors.


Home Inspections After THE Storm


Aurora Home Inspections offers homeowners in Bergen County and surrounding areas the most qualified and experienced home inspections. You may be in need of a speedy inspection after suffering storm damage and we are always prepared to help. Of course, Aurora is available to perform inspections for home sellers and home buyers all year round. We can be reached at (201) 476-9200 for appointments.