Being Prepared for Winter Storm Power Outages


certified home inspections njThanks to global warming, severe storms are becoming more frequent, and power outages are on the rise. When a harsh storm hits in winter, power outages really wreak havoc. Usually caused by trees falling on power lines, these outages can mean hours or days without electricity.  It can also leave you without heat.  In a worst-case scenario, the lack of heat can in turn cause broken water pipes and flooding. Affecting thousands of households, these power outages are all too common in winter. We can’t prevent storms, but since we get plenty of warning beforehand, we can prepare for them.  Aurora Home Inspections offers some advice for power outage preparedness.



We have all gone to the grocery at the last minute before a storm and found the shelves nearly empty. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weather and prepare accordingly. Non-perishable foods for your whole family for a week is a good gauge. Try to keep these items aside and don’t use them until they are needed. Canned foods, dry cereal, nuts, healthy snack items and bottled water are a good start. Don’t forget about food and medications for pets! Remember to refill your prescription medicines if they are getting low. Pain killers and cold remedies are also good to have on hand. As a non-food reminder, remember to have plenty of batteries for flashlights when the lights go out. If you lose your heating source, a supply of blankets is essential. A good pile of wood for the fireplace is another way to keep warm.



If you can afford it, an automatic standby generator is a sound investment. These are installed outside the house in a unit similar to an air conditioner. An automatic generator can power the whole house and you don’t have to be at home for it to be activated. For a less expensive option, there are portable generators which are manually operated and usually only power a few key items in the house. These are generally gasoline-fueled and have to be operated outside the home. For the safety and comfort of your family, Aurora Home Inspections recommends the use of generators when possible.



We’re all relieved when the storm is over. Don’t let that make you incautious. Get weather and traffic reports before leaving the house and getting into your car. There could be downed power lines or trees so have that flashlight ready! Try to check on neighbors, especially if they are elderly or disabled.

For the protection of yourself and your family, being prepared is always a good way to weather a storm. Aurora Home Inspections wants you to be safe, and ready for the worst!

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