Being Prepared for Winter Storm Power Outages

Being Prepared for Winter Storm Power Outages in Bergen County NJ

Winter Storm Power Outages in Bergen County NJSometimes it seems like severe storms are becoming more frequent, and that power outages are on the rise in Bergen County, NJ. When a harsh storm hits in the wintertime, a power outage can really wreak some havoc. Trouble might be caused by trees falling onto power lines, and the resulting outages can mean hours or even days without electricity or heat in the home. Worst-case scenario, a lack of heat can lead to broken water pipes and flooding.

These events can affect thousands of households. And while we can’t prevent a storm, we certainly get plenty of warning beforehand in this day and age, so we can prepare for the coming event.¬† Aurora Home Inspections can offer you some advice for power outage preparedness.


Stock The Home Before A Winter Storm Arrives!

While we may have all gone to the grocery at the last minute before a winter storm hit, often we find their shelves are already near empty. So, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weather in order to prepare accordingly. Enough non-perishable food types to last a whole family for a week is probably a good idea. Try to keep these items in storage, and don’t plan on using them until they are truly needed. Canned foods, dry cereal, nuts, healthy snack items, and bottled water are obvious. And let’s not forget about the pets, some pet food, and medication too!

Remember to refill any medical prescriptions, painkillers, or cold remedies. In addition to food and water, consider plenty of batteries and flashlights if the lights go out. If the heating source is lost, blankets are going to become essential. And lots of wood for the fireplace too.


Generators Are A Good Investment For Emergency Power

Whether via winter storms or other causes, an automatic standby generator can be a great investment to protect against what comes with the resulting power outage. These are installed outside a home in a unit that can look similar to the air conditioner. An automatic generator can power the whole home, automatically, including when no one is there to turn it on. If that’s out of the budget, another less expensive option is a portable generator. These require manual operation and are typically limited to powering only the key items in a home. They are generally gasoline-fueled and have to be operated outside. For the safety and comfort of a family, Aurora Home Inspections recommends consideration for a generator.


Post-Winter Storm 

While it is a relief when the winter storm is over, don’t allow it to feel completely safe yet. Pay attention to weather and traffic reports before leaving the home or getting into the car. Downed power lines or trees are often the next challenge, so keep flashlights ready! Consider checking in on neighbors, the elderly, or the disabled.

Aurora Home Inspections is Bergen County’s most qualified and experienced home inspection firm. If you need an inspection after a winter storm, or as a precaution – let us know. If you are buying or selling a home and need a professional inspection, call us / Aurora Home Inspection, LLC at (201)476-9200.