What is Radon?


Montvale NJ Radon Inspection
Radon is a gas that occurs naturally in the environment. It is highly toxic and is undetectable by the layman, so it requires testing by a professional. You cannot see, smell or taste Radon. Aurora Home Inspections LLC is a highly qualified and professional Radon testing service that can inspect for Radon and inform you of the need for remediation.  The importance of knowing about Radon cannot be overemphasized.


How Does Radon Enter Your Home?


Radon can enter your home through the ground, ground water and building material. Holes or cracks in your house’s foundation can be an entry point for Radon. This is why it is imperative to test for Radon when your home is inspected. When purchasing a home a full inspection is required, but Radon testing should become a periodic checkup while you live in a house.


Why Is Radon So Dangerous?


Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer. Exposure to Radon can cause other health problems as well. Most people don’t think about their exposure to Radon, but it should be taken very seriously. Testing for Radon is one element of insuring good indoor air quality for the health of your family.


Getting Rid of Radon


Once Radon has been detected within a home, it can be remediated. Aurora Home Inspections tests for Radon as well as various other toxins. We do not remediate, but we do recommend action when needed. For comprehensive evaluation of the weaknesses within a house, call Aurora Home Inspections. We are the most highly qualified, experienced and professional home inspection service in Bergen County NJ and the surrounding area. If you need a home inspection, or specifically a Radon inspection, give us a call at (201) 476-9200 for an appointment.