Good Reasons For Tank Sweeps


Montvale NJ Tank Sweep ServicesAlthough you are not required to remove a buried oil tank, it is a good idea to do so. When the tank is no longer in use to hold oil to heat your home, it should be dug up. Time and moisture can degrade the tank and can allow pollutants to seep into the ground. This can be an environmental hazard, expensive to remediate.                             Aurora Home Inspections provides tank sweep inspections and testing in NJ.

Also, if you don’t remove an unused oil tank sitting in the ground under your lawn, you may not be able to sell your home so easily. Any buyer will want it removed.

Aurora Home Inspections offers tank sweep inspections and testing to Bergen County and surrounding area homeowners. We are professionals and have the tools needed to find buried tanks and test them. We do not remove buried oil tanks but recommend removal when necessary.  


What Is A Tank Sweep?


A tank sweep is essentially a “sweep” of the ground for the location of a tank or other container buried there. Some oil tanks are located above ground and are easy to remove. The underground tanks require a “sweep” to determine their location. Aurora Home Inspections can sweep for an underground tank during a home inspection, or as a separate service. When located, we test the tank for deterioration and if necessary recommend removal. Removal depends upon the condition of the buried tank.

Naturally, if the home is being sold and it is still being heated with oil, the tank needs to stay. This can become a negotiation issue in the sale of the house. Some buyers may require that you switch to gas heat and remove the tank.


Tank Sweeps Should Be Left To Professionals


When preparing to sell a house that has been heated with oil, a tank sweep is a prudent choice. In some cases you might not even know that the house was once heated with oil and that there is a tank buried in the ground. Before your house goes on the market, call Aurora Home Inspections for an oil tank sweep and test. We are qualified to do this kind of inspection and to recommend removal if necessary. If you are a homeowner in NJ and mean to sell your house, we want you to get the best price. We can help you gather all the pertinent information regarding the condition of your house prior to putting it up for sale. For complete home inspections, including oil tank sweeps, give us a call at (201) 476-9200.