How Do I Find The Right Home Inspector?


Montvale NJ Home Inspections


In every county in NJ there are lots of Home Inspection Services. This makes selecting the right one for you a bit difficult. We’d like to offer some guidelines toward finding a home inspector that will fit your needs and offer the complete examination you want.




The first place to look is in recommendations from family, friends and co-workers. Any one of these individuals may have required the services of a home inspector and can offer advice. A trusted realtor can also be of assistance in this quest. All realtors have worked with a home inspector at some time. Generally a real estate agent will try to offer honest recommendations since they want to keep you as a client. Our team at Aurora Home Inspections has worked with realtors for many years and have never disappointed a client.


Industry Association Memberships


There are Home Inspection Associations that most inspectors will have memberships in. Their membership in these associations usually means they have passed examinations and have a valid state license. Many times a home inspector will list these industry association memberships in their advertising as a way to attract clientele. Contacting these associations can be another way of selecting the right home inspector for you.


Talk Directly To A Home Inspector


Talking to a local Home Inspector with direct questions will ultimately be the best way for you to decide upon a service. You will probably have specific concerns that they should be able to address. You can ask about an inspector’s qualifications and licenses. An inspector will provide you with a checklist of their services and fees. A final report should be provided at the end of the inspection.


Seek Help From a Professional


With these guidelines in mind, selecting the right home inspector in Bergen County NJ should be easy. There are reliable and trustworthy inspectors to be found, and being prepared in your quest for the right one is essential.

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