Don’t Provide Food For Termites


certified home inspector bergen county njThe number one goal for termites is to find a ready food source.  Termites are determined to gain access to your home. They thrive and multiply when there is a supply of wood for food.  Aurora Home Inspections LLC offers some tips for preventing termites from invading your home.


Prevent Access and Try To Starve Them


Being proactive in the fight to keep termites from invading your home is always the best strategy. Here are some tips gleaned from professional home inspectors.

1. Be sure cracks and holes around the foundation of your house are sealed. Termites can enter through the tiniest of openings.

2. If you store firewood outside your house – keep it a good distance from the house and have it raised off the ground. Firewood is a place termites love to settle in and multiply. Check the wood before bringing it into the house too.

3. Moisture also attracts termites. Fix leaks that might create moisture in the walls of your house or in the basement. Don’t let standing water pool anywhere near your house.

4. Be sure to remove dead trees, branches, firewood and any other dead wood that may be on the ground near your house. This can be a feeding source for termites.

5. We advise getting a termite inspection annually. Spotting it before an infestation starts is the best way to prevent the damage that can result.


Call on the Experts for Termite Inspection


Aurora Home Inspections offers an industry-leading 100% guaranty of satisfaction with our services. Our inspectors are trained in all aspects of termite and other wood destroying insect detection. A termite inspection should be thought of as an investment! An investment against the damage and destruction that termites and wood-destroying insects can cause to your home. Spring is a good time for Bergen County homeowners to have a termite inspection. We also offer certified home inspections, commercial building inspections, and mold inspections.

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