Health Issues Attributed To Mold

Township of Washington NJ - Mold As A Health Threat In NJ HomesMold forms and grows in dark, wet places where moisture goes unchecked. Sometimes this mold can begin to be a health threat to members of the family, even pets. Homes that are close to bodies of water generally are more prone to mold growth because of increased moisture in the air and in the ground. When a family member is ill and a diagnosis is not clear-cut, it could be mold. It may be an allergic reaction, and sometimes it develops into a more serious health issue. Often mold may threaten health in NJ homes.


How Do You Know If There Is Mold?


Sometimes mold is obvious visibly and through smell. Most of the time however, mold is invisible and wafting on the air. If you suspect mold in your environment, a thorough mold inspection by a certified Mold Inspection Service is a good idea. Aurora Home Inspections LLC offers qualified mold inspections using up-to-date techniques performed by certified, knowledgeable and experienced technicians. We take samples from the air and from surfaces, and knowing where to look we can measure the temperature and humidity level in your house.  A mold inspection is essential because mold may threaten health in NJ homes.


Certified Mold Inspections Can Prevent Health Issues Caused By Mold


Most often homeowners are unaware of the presence of mold. Aurora Home Inspections offers certified mold inspections and testing, either as part of a home inspection or as a separate specific inspection for mold. For a comprehensive Mold Inspection call Aurora Home Inspections at (201) 476-9200. We are located in Bergen County NJ, but we serve a large area in and surrounding Bergen County.