Risks Mold Can Pose To Your Family’s Health


Montvale NJ Mold Inspection ServicesMold loves dark, moist places to grow and it often goes unseen. When it begins to affect the health of family members, including beloved pets, we don’t always realize the problem is due to mold. Although homes near the water are more susceptible to the growth of mold because of increased moisture, mold can grow anywhere. Aurora Home Inspections, LLC inspects for mold and after testing can determine what kind of mold is present, how extensive the growth is and whether it is likely to cause health problems. Mold can cause respiratory illnesses, exacerbate allergies, and seriously affect those with compromised immune systems. Mold can be a health hazard for families and pets.


How Do We Look For Mold?


A mold inspection may include taking samples from surfaces or from the air. We measure the temperature and humidity in your house, and determine moisture levels in wood, drywall and concrete. Our agents have the experience required to know where to look for mold and are very thorough in their mold detection techniques.


A Certified Mold Inspection Can Help Prevent Health Issues


Since mold is most often undetectable and is hiding on surfaces and in the air, an inspection by a qualified mold inspector is essential. Mold sometimes emits a musty odor, but very often you are completely unaware of its presence. Aurora Home Inspections is the most experienced, qualified and competent Bergen County NJ home inspector. Inspecting for mold is one area of our expertise. If you suspect the presence of mold in your home, call us to schedule an inspection. We can be reached at (201) 476-9200. You won’t regret being proactive about the possible growth of mold in your home.