What Is A GPR Inspection?

Township of Washington NJ GPR or Tank Sweep Inspections


GPR Inspections or Ground Penetrating Radar Inspections are used to detect the
presence of a buried oil tank or other underground objects that need to be found
and removed. Using Ground Penetrating Radar technology provides a more accurate
and reliable search for objects buried underground. Aurora Home Inspections
offers certified GPR or Tank Sweep inspections to homeowners in Bergen County NJ
and nearby NJ and NY areas.


Why Do I Need A GPR Inspection?


Buried oil tanks can become environmental problems if they are not located and
removed. Most buried tanks are used to contain heating oil and they can become
degraded over time and leak oil into the ground. This causes an environmental
issue that is costly to remediate. Aside from the cost of removal and remediation,
if you are hoping to sell your house, buyers will insist on having the tank
removed and it will become a point of negotiation A tank sweep inspection
using Ground Penetrating Radar technology provided by Aurora Home Inspections is
offered. This inspection can be part of an overall home inspection, or as a
separate inspection just to locate the buried tank. 


Experience and Expertise


Our long experience in the area of home and property inspections makes us the top
home inspection service in Bergen County NJ. We are highly qualified and
are certified to perform specialized home inspections for homeowners. We stand
behind every inspection we perform. GPR or Tank Sweep Inspections
are recommended in NJ. For a comprehensive home inspection or any

type of special inspection, call Aurora Home Inspections at (201) 476-9200.