Some Tips On Home Maintenance For Autumn


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Although we are seeing record high temperatures now, in a few short weeks Fall begins. Getting your home ready for colder weather is a good idea. A few basic home maintenance tips below will go a long way to protecting your home for the coming winter.  Aurora Home Inspections LLC recommends Fall home maintenance to Bergen County NJ homeowners.


Roof-Gutters-Downspouts For Fall Home Maintenance


Neglecting to periodically check your roof can lead to expensive repairs. Clearing debris from the roof, gutters and downspouts is called for. Maybe installing some kind of debris filter on gutters should be considered. Checking roofing material for problems is good maintenance. Making sure the flashing around a chimney is sound and there are no leaks can prevent more serious issues later on.


Replace Filters 


Air conditioning air filters should be replaced, and wall units should be covered with waterproof material. Stove vent filters and clothes dryer filters should be checked and possibly replaced. You will be spending more time indoors and this could help alleviate seasonal allergy issues. An inspection by a certified NJ home inspector can determine the state of the indoor air quality of your home.


Clean Fireplaces and Chimneys


Before starting to have indoor fires, the fireplace should be cleared of old ashes. The chimney should be checked and freed of creosote if necessary, and the flue should be cleared. These should be done by a professional chimney sweep, who will do a thorough inspection of fireplaces and chimneys.


Check The Water Heater For Debris

Rusty water heater tanks filled with debris are not energy efficient. Now, before it gets cold is a good time to check the water heater and possibly drain the tank. Speaking of water, outdoor spigots should be drained and turned off as soon as there are a few cool nights. Water pipes that are near exterior walls should be insulated against exposure to extreme cold.


Fall Lawn Maintenance


Fertilizing your lawn as the weather cools can be helpful to try to prevent damage from cold weather. This provides a healthier start for your lawn in Spring.



Home Inspection Is Never Out Of Season


Fall home maintenance is recommended for NJ homeowners. Having a professional home inspection before winter sets in is a good idea. Calling on an experienced home inspector to look for prospective problems that arise in cold weather can save you money and a lot of aggravation. Aurora Home Inspections LLC is highly qualified and offers comprehensive examinations, inside and out. Our inspection report comes with photographs and a number of benefits that are included with every inspection. Call us today for a full home inspection consultation. We can be reached at (201) 476-9200.