Summer In NJ Can include Damaging Storms

New Jersey can be a summertime paradise. There are miles of ocean coastline and beaches,Township of Washington NJ - NJ Extreme Summer Weather tons of lakes and rivers to enjoy, acres of woods and great hiking trails. Along with all of this wonderful recreation activity, we sometimes experience major storms, even hurricanes. These storms can really test our preparedness. Aurora Home Inspections LLC is a certified home inspection service covering Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas of NJ and NY. We offer a few tips that can help you to be prepared for extreme NJ summer weather.

Plan For The Worst

Assign everyone in your household a particular task. Someone should take care of pets, someone else should be sure medications and important documents are readily available. Another person should be in charge of an emergency bag with flashlights, water, blankets, etc. It is a good idea to choose a place in your home that is secure where you can take cover in worst-case situations. Take photos of your home and its contents to provide to your insurance company if damage occurs.

Be sure to have phone numbers for your local Emergency Squad, and your insurance company at hand. After a major storm, contact family and friends to let them know where you are and that you are safe. Have backup chargers for phones available in case of a power outage.

Know How To Turn Off Utilities In Your House

If there is a threat of flooding, you may need to turn off water, gas and electricity before evacuating. If you live in a flood-prone area, lift important or vulnerable items off the floor or take them to a higher level.

If flooding has occurred the ground may be electrically charged by downed power lines. Check for fallen wires and if you see them contact the utility company. Before leaving the house, wait to hear from authorities that it is safe to walk on the outside ground.

Take Precautions If Your House Has Been Severely Damaged

If your home has been damaged, don’t go inside, there could be the possibility of collapse. This is when professional help is needed to assess the damage. Take pictures of the damage to support future insurance claims. Contact your insurance company to begin the process of making a claim if there is substantial damage to your house and belongings.

A Home inspector can offer assistance

Aurora Home Inspections LLC is a certified professional inspection service that will help determine restoration needs for your home after it has been damaged by a storm. We can recommend reliable and experienced remediation and restoration companies in your area. We have been providing 5 Star Home Inspections to Bergen County homeowners and commercial property owners since 2006. If you find that you are in need of an inspection following a storm, call us at (201) 476-9200 for a comprehensive evaluation.