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The Importance of Termite Inspections

Buying Property? Get A Termite Inspection

termite or wood destroying insect inspection bergen county nj

If you own or are considering buying a home (or a commercial property) in Bergen County, NJ, it would be foolish to go forward without a thorough termite inspection. On its own, this is typically a low-cost inspection, and it may save thousands in repair costs related to termite damage. A home is a valuable asset, if not a person’s most important investment. And because termite or wood-destroying insect damage repair can be so costly, it’s not worth the gamble of not looking into an inspection.

When buying a Bergen County home or property, at least if there is a bank involved, a termite inspection is likely required. Regardless, it is always best to look into an inexpensive termite inspection. Give us a call, we are a certified Wood Destroying Insect Inspector in NJ & NY state!

Termite Damage May Not Be Visible!

Just because Termites or wood-destroying insect damage is not visible, it does not mean it’s not there. Fair warning: termites eat wood from the inside out, and they do their best to avoid light, so most property owners will be unaware of an infestation and/or any damage until it is way too late!

And while termites are tiny insects, they are capable of huge damage. These wood-destroying insects will eat a home’s frame 24/7, and they can actually consume a pound of wood in just one week! A termite inspection will not only avoid future infestation but also help discover a current one.

And so when buying a Bergen County home or property, a certified wood-destroying insect inspection is not only the way to avoid big problems, but it can become a means to negotiate a better price. Aurora Home Inspections will determine where the property stands, whether there is any leftover termite damage, any leftover infestation, or a brand new threat.

Again, it’s never a waste of time or money because termites or termite damage is not visible nor obvious.

Aurora Home Inspections – Termite Inspections

If you are in the Bergen County, New Jersey area, call Aurora Home Inspections about Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection and/or any other home inspection needs. We are extensively trained in wood-destroying insect inspections and in virtually any type of home or property inspection.

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