Bergen County Home Inspectors Save You Money


When you are thinking of buying a home, you want all the information regarding that home at your disposal. A home inspection is the way to gather this data and proceed to make an informed decision about purchase. Home inspectors in Bergen County are educated and experienced in examining homes and properties to give you the best advantage in making this important decision. Aurora Home Inspections is the top inspection service currently working in Bergen County and welcome the opportunity to help you buy the home of your dreams.  Here’s what you should keep in mind when buying a home – Home Inspections | Bergen County NJ | Aurora Home Inspections.


When Do You Require the Services of a Home Inspector?


Generally speaking, you need a home inspection as soon as possible before making the final decision to buy. Your attorney can recommend a reliable inspector, or a trusted realtor can also help. Friends and relatives may have had a good experience with a home inspector and pass that on to you. Some homework on your part is required too. A comprehensive and accurate home inspection is a valuable tool in deciding whether to buy and what to offer for a house. Any needed repairs or replacements to a property can be useful in negotiating the best price.


Educated, Unbiased Inspections From A Home Inspector


Home Inspectors are professionals and are trained to offer the most accurate and thorough inspection of a home and property. Aurora Home Inspections is experienced in inspecting all types of properties and are qualified in all areas of inspection. Take a look at our lengthy list of qualifications. We offer our Bergen County clients a formal and detailed report to use as a guide when buying a home. We check ceilings, walls, doors, floors, roofs, windows, etc. We also are conversant with local and state construction regulations. This makes it possible to advise if a property has a violation or security issue that can be a headache for you and your family. This important service may sound expensive, but compared to unexpected repairs that an inspection report reveals, it is cost conscious.

At Aurora Home Inspections we offer friendly, professional and expert examinations. For an inspection appointment call us at (201) 476-9200.  Home Inspections | Bergen County NJ | Aurora Home Inspections



Why Remove An Underground Oil Tank?

Montvale NJ Tank Sweep ServicesIn the process of inspecting homes, there are certain oft-repeated questions from homeowners. One of them is: “Why do we have to remove our underground oil tank?”. Well, in fact you don’t have to, there is no law that says you must do this before selling your house. Even though it is not a legally mandated procedure, you should still do it. The reason for this is that you probably won’t sell the house so easily unless you do. Often in older homes, when the owners converted from oil heat to gas heat, the oil tank remained buried in the ground. The passage of time and moisture in the ground can degrade the tank and cause it to rust and let oil seep out into the ground. This can be an environmental problem that is expensive to fix, and therefore is a very good reason for buried oil tank testing done by a professional such as Aurora Home Inspections.

How Do I Know If I Have A Buried Oil Tank Problem?

Aurora Home Inspections can sweep for an underground oil tank during a Home Inspection. Some oil tanks are above ground, but the underground ones require a “sweep” to determine their location and condition. This allows a homeowner to know if there has been an oil tank buried on the property and if it should be removed. That abandoned underground oil tank could mean the difference between selling your house or not. Aurora Home Inspections does not remove oil tanks from the ground, we test for a buried tank and then recommend how to proceed in its removal. Depending upon the condition of the buried tank, removal may not be necessary.

Obviously, if the home you are selling is still being heated with oil, the oil tank is needed and this becomes an issue in the negotiation of the sale of the house.

Call the Professionals for an Oil Tank Sweep

If you are preparing to sell your house, an oil tank sweep is a prudent choice. There may be a buried tank that you aren’t aware of. Knowing about the underground oil tank’s existence gives you the ability to decide how to proceed in dealing with it. Before putting your house on the market call Aurora Home Inspections for an oil tank sweep. Our team is qualified for oil tank testing. We want New Jersey homeowners to have all the information regarding the condition of their house before putting it on the market. This helps make sure that they will get the best price for their home. We can be reached at (201) 476-9200 for home inspection services including an oil tank test.


Home Maintenance for Autumn in New Jersey


Bergen County NJ Home InspectionsWith the changes in temperature and weather, maintenance of your home is different in each season. Taking the time to ready your home for colder weather makes good sense. Some basic autumn home maintenance can be accomplished now while the weather is still relatively mild.

Checking the Roof/Gutters/Downspouts


Don’t forget about your roof. If ignored, roof repairs can become a very costly expenditure. Roof issues can also result in insurance costs rising. Clear debris from the roof, gutters and downspouts. Check shingles or whatever material your roof is made of to be sure it is in good shape. Also check the flashing around a chimney and any openings for leaks.


Filters need replacement


If you have air conditioning change the air filters. Wall units should be covered with waterproof material. Filters in stove vents and clothes dryers should also be checked and probably replaced. Since you will be spending your time indoors now, making these changes can help with allergies too! A certified home inspector can assess the indoor air quality of your home if you suffer from allergies.


Fireplaces and Chimneys Need Cleaning


Before you consider having fires in your fireplace it should be cleared of old ashes. The chimney should be freed of creosote buildup, and the flu cleaned. These jobs are best done by a professional chimney sweep. Have them check for chimney cracks and leaks too.


A Good Time to Drain the Water Heater


Hard water can cause sediment to build in your water tank. Now, before it gets cold is a good time to drain the tank and check for debris. If your tank is old or rusty it should probably be replaced. A rusty old tank is not energy efficient.


Turn Off Outside Water Taps


All outdoor water spigots should be drained and turned off before the cold sets in. Check hoses that might need replacing before next spring. It is also a good idea to think about insulating any water pipes that may have exposure to extreme cold, such as those near exterior walls.


Lawn Care Now


It can be helpful to fertilize your lawn now to try to prevent damage from the cold weather. This way the lawn has a healthier start in the Spring.


Home Inspection is Always in Season


It is also a good idea to have a professional home inspection before winter sets in. An experienced home inspector can inform you of any prospective problems that might arise in the colder weather. Aurora Home Inspections LLC is highly qualified and educated in the field and offers a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of your home. Our inspection reports come replete with photographs and a full roster of benefits that are included with every inspection. Call us today for a home inspection consultation! We can be reached at (201) 476-9200.