Wet Weather Can Lead to Mold


Montvale NJ Home InspectionWe are into summer storm season, and no matter where in the U.S.A. you live, you will be subject to thunderstorms and possibly tornadoes or hurricanes. These can all cause flooding, which in turn can lead to the development of mold.  Mold growth can cause health problems.  To prevent the possibility of mold growth you should know where the vulnerability for mold exists in your home.  You may already have spores and severe humidity may cause them to multiply.  A certified home inspector will examine your home for the existence of mold or possibly other fungus growth.  They can also reveal areas where you might be subject to the growth of mold after flooding or water damage.  Let Aurora Home Inspections inform you about the possibilities of mold growth in summer weather



Mold Can Be Invisible


Although you can usually detect mold visibly or by smell, some growth is invisible.  It can exist beneath floors, in the walls and even in the air you breath.  Most people won’t be affected by mold, but for some it can cause allergies, lung issues, and it can affect your immune system.  It is for the continued good health of the occupants of a home that a thorough inspection for mold is recommended.  A certified inspector will give your home a thorough examination for mold and mold spores. All samples collected for testing will receive a professional analysis.  Your inspector can then recommend remediation.  


Experience Counts When Determining Mold Growth


Although home inspectors are usually called for a pre-purchase evaluation of a home, after a flood has inundated your home with water, it is a good time to inspect for mold. Aurora Home Inspections has been a top property inspection service for Bergen County homeowners for many years, and we have the experience and expertise to determine the extent of mold infestation. Our qualifications are substantial and we are professional in assessing the amount of mold or other fungus development. Inspecting for mold is advised for all New Jersey homeowners and we can determine the extent of mold growth in summer weather. If you see or smell mold, or if a storm has left you with extensive moisture in any area of your home, give us a call at (201) 476-9200.  Your good health is a priority for you, and mold or other fungus growth can lead to health problems.  At Aurora, we are also interested in the continued good health of New Jersey and New York homeowners.