Avoiding Indoor Allergens

What Are Indoor Allergens?


When discussing allergens you usually think of outdoors. But things that cause allergic reactions also lurk inside. These allergens cause problems and lower the indoor air quality of your home. The most common indoor allergens are dust mites, mold, pollen and smoke.  We offer advice on the important factors of avoiding indoor allergens.

Dust Mites


Dust Mites are tiny, microscopic insects that feed on skin flakes and thrive in
warm and humid areas. They are found anywhere in the house, but really like to
live in bedding and furniture upholstery. Changing and cleaning bed linens
regularly, about every 7 to 10 days is a good idea. Allergy-proof covers for
pillows, mattresses and box springs are an effective solution for controlling
dust mites. Be sure to vacuum on a regular basis, and if you are the one that’s
allergic, wear a mask while doing it.




Mold grows in any dark and damp location. Although it is common in most homes,
those with dampness and moisture problems are more susceptible to mold issues.
Basements, showers and bathtubs are the places mold like best. Avoiding carpet
in a basement is a way of minimizing mold growth. Also, people with allergies
shouldn’t sleep in the basement. Read about cleaning mold and mildew¬†https://aurorahomeinspections.com/tips-for-cleaning-mold-and-mildew/



Pollen is most common out of doors, but it does travel inside on your shoes,
on pets, and can blow in through open windows. To avoid exposure to pollen
it is best to keep windows closed and use air conditioning. When coming inside
after being outdoors, take off your shoes and change your clothing. Wipe down
your pets after they have been outdoors too. These are a few ways to keep the
pollen from entering the house with you.


Smoke and Cigarettes



Avoiding the smoke from cigarettes is easy. Don’t smoke! Also don’t let anyone
else smoke in your house. Those with asthma or other severe respiratory conditions
will feel the effect of smoke in a home. Sometimes when cooking, smoke escapes
into the air and causes a real air quality problem. This can be avoided by always
using a fan when cooking. Indoor plants are also good for purifying the air in
your home.


Keep Mold and Allergens at Bay



Aurora Home Inspections, LLC has a team of experts to inspect your home for
mold and other negative indoor air quality issues. We are the most experienced
and knowledgeable inspection team in the Bergen County, NJ area. We offer the
best advice and will recommend ways of avoiding indoor allergens.

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