Winterization Ideas To Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

Winterization Ideas To Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

Winterization Ideas To Keep Your Home Safe This Winter| Aurora Home  Inspections Bergen County NJ

Winter weather has already made some appearances in NY and NJ this year and soon will be here full time. If you have not completed your home winterization projects yet, now is the time! Don’t wait until it’s too late, and you are left in the cold. Aurora Home Inspections wants you and your family to stay safe and warm this winter. Here are a few last minute winterization ideas to keep your home safe this winter.

Have You Had Your Furnace Serviced Yet?

Before we get into any deep freezes this year, make sure you get your furnace serviced. If you wait too long, you could end up with no heat on some very cold nights. Too many people wait until the last minute, and by that time, you may have to wait a long time for an available plumber. In NY and NJ, we’ve already had some very frosty nights. Soon, that will be the story every night. Aurora Home Inspections urges you to have your furnace serviced before winter sets in.

There are also a few signs you should be on the look out for in case your heat is not working properly.

  • Check if your heater is short cycling, or not coming on at all when it is supposed to.
  • Is there any odor when the heat kicks on? It could be some gas not burning right.
  • Check your furnace cap for damage. Sometimes hail and other inclement weather can cause damage to the cap.
  • Check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector and make sure you have one on each floor.

Last Minute Winterization

While you are waiting for a professional to look at your furnace, this is the perfect time to start disconnecting and draining water hoses and checking and changing all your filters in the home. It’s also a great time to look around the outside of your home and check on winterization projects you may have missed.

Home Energy Savings Tips

There are several small tweaks and projects around the house that are big energy savers. Just doing a few of these simple things will save you money and add tremendous energy efficiency to your home. Check out these blogs for more tips.