Lower Energy Costs With A Programmable Thermostat

Lower Energy Costs With A Programmable Thermostat

If you are looking for ways to reduce your home heating and cooling bills, you can cut them by 15% just by installing a programmable thermostat.  Programmable thermostats keep the temperature in your home at a comfortable level when you are there, and go into energy saving mode while you are away. The higher the price, the more program options offered, but even your least expensive options will give you a big jump in energy savings. If you are looking for an easy and fast way to reduce our bills, you will want to lower energy costs with a programmable thermostat.


Lower Energy Costs With A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats will work with almost every type of gas or oil furnace as well as central air conditioners. But, if you have heat pumps or electric baseboard, you may need to add a few extra features to make them compatible. You should be able to recognize any issues by reading the label on the thermostat. You can always call a heating and cooling professional if you have any reservations.

How To Install A Programmable Thermostat

It is best to call a professional to install the new thermostat for you to make sure everything is done correctly and safely. However, if you are a do it yourself kind of person, here is how to install your new programmable thermostat.

  1. Before removing your old thermostat, check to see if contains any mercury. If it does, you will need to take it to a hazardous waste disposal site. If it contains mercury, you will see a small glass tube with a shiny silver ball in it. Once you know how to dispose of the old thermostat properly, go ahead and remove it.
  2. Use the included marking tabs, or make your own with masking tape and label the wires that were hooked to the old thermostat as you remove them. Use the old screw terminals as your reference.
  3. Use a clothespin to keep the cable from sliding down inside your wall and mount the new wall plate. Make sure you insert any back-up batteries before completing the wiring.
  4. Now it’s time to configure the heating system. Consult the instructions for specific instructions for adjustments and programming options. Some will come pre-programmed if you are lucky. Remember, if the thermostat is not programmed correctly, it will not save you money!

If you are looking to reduce your energy bills, installing a programmable thermostat will accomplish this easily and quickly.

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